If you were wondering if Kobe Bryant would be wearing a special version of his newest signature shoe — the Nike Zoom Kobe VI — for the Lakers’ Christmas day game against the Miami Heat, then wonder no more. He will be and they’re at least partially inspired by a certain curmudgeonly hermit with a heart two sizes too small.

Yes, that’s right — Kobe Bryant is going to be wearing Grinch shoes for Christmas. Fitting, isn’t it?

Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of neon green shoes because, well, they are neon green shoes. However, if one of the NBA’s best players wants to wear shoes inspired by a Christmas legend on Christmas, then go for it. Cover them in fur like the Jim Carrey remake for all I care. Actually, don’t. The scales are enough and that movie was disappointing.

So, yeah, these are going to be gracing an NBA court in the very near future. They’ll surely catch some eyes during a nationally-televised HD broadcast on Christmas day. Considering they go on sale the next day, I’d imagine that’s the point.

With all those eyeballs drifting towards the bright green blur racing up and down the court, these are going to be a hot item. If you want them, be prepared to wait all night, just like Cindy Lou Who waiting for Santa.

A few more shots after the jump.

(via Sole Collector)