Rajon Rondo has modest goals

Rajon Rondo’s been racking up assists this season like a simile that I can’t quite place. His 14.3 assists per game lead the league by an almost-absurd amount (Chris Paul is second and he’s averaging 10.2 a game). Rondo’s assisting is so abundant that he’s making a run at John Stockton’s all-time record of 14.5 from way back in 1990. It’s been a good year for passing for the Boston point guard.

But not good enough. Because, as Rondo tells it, 14.3 is nothing. From FanHouse:

OK, so how many assists per game does Rondo believe he can average this season?

Realistically, how many?

“Twenty,” said Rondo, who did hand out 24 Oct. 29 against New York but hasn’t exceeded 17 in any other game.

OK, why do you think that?

“Because we’re shooting the ball extremely well,” he said. “We’re playing together and moving the ball.”

Told that, to average 20, if he had 15 one game, he’d have to make up for it with 25 in another, Rondo said, “I know. I can count.”

20 assists per game, that’s how many he wants to average. Not just have in a single game, which has only been done 29 times in the past 10 yearsaverage. Whoa boy.

A quick run-through of the numbers is in order. Thus far this season, Rondo has 171 assists in 12 games. He’s missed the last two games with strained left hamstring, so let’s assume he’ll play 80 games this season. That means he needs a nice, round 1,600 assists on the year to average 20 a game. The 1,600 total he needs minus the 171 he’s got means he needs 1,429 assists over the next 68 games, which comes out to a shade over 21 assists a game. Or, as you might call it, a full 33 percent more assists per game than Stockton during his record-setting season.

So, odds are, Rajon Rondo’s eyes are a bit bigger than his mouth. However, if he’s gunning for 20 assists per game, an extra one thrown in every night isn’t such a big deal.

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  1. The only way he does that is if he hire’s Utah’s scorekeeper from 1990 for every game.

  2. thats my boy. 20 is a lot but stocktons record is in sight. with shaq getting used to the system and perk and j.o returning his assist numbers are only going to go up.

  3. Hey why not…it doesn’t mean anything to say these things. I think he ought to go for 20 steals per night as well. And rebounds.

  4. That might explain the awful lob he threw to Shaq in that one video you posted as the “best worst play”. He was just trying to get another assist…

  5. JALEN Rose had a 20-assist game?!

  6. Why’d you go tthrough all the numbers like that? Rondo knows….he can count.

  7. rajon is quite modest. perfect fit for garnett.

  8. here’s a better goal, shoot over 50% from the free throw line. jeez

  9. “Told that, to average 20, if he had 15 one game, he’d have to make up for it with 25 in another…”

    ummm this is only true in the two-game world. Totes mathematically untrue in an 82 game season.

  10. I agree with gazelle that improved free throw percentage is a far more important goal right now, for Rondo, and better shooting from the field as well. Rondo needs to make defenses pay for sloughing off him.

    However, I think Rondo’s attitude sounds great, basically. If I were a shooter and someone asked me what percentage I expected to shoot, I think I’d always say 100%. In my (rather unimpressive) basketball playing days, I never played a game not expecting to shoot 100%. Of course I knew I wouldn’t shoot 100%, but I expected to. If you are a shooter, you have to believe that every shot is going in, I think, and if you are a passer, you have to believe that every pass is dynamite.

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