Six games tonight, none of which seem offensively terrible and only one of which seems potentially outstanding. However, Hawks games always seem to end up disastrous one way or the other, so we’ll leave their matchup with the Nets off the docket. But if you want to watch Josh Smith fly around all crazy-style, I wouldn’t be too upset. I’m chill like that.

Here are the best five:

Chicago Bulls at Los Angeles Lakers
The deals might be off the table — and, truthfully, they might never have really been on the table — but here’s hoping the Bulls convince the Lakers that they’re ready to part with Luol Deng in return for the two guys that he was rumored to be traded for. Adding Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol could really push the Bulls over the top.

Cleveland Cavaliers at Indiana Pacers
Even if Cleveland loses tonight, they won’t be too mad at the Pacers. After all, Indiana embarrassed LeBron James and the Heat just a day ago. That sort of thing wins Ohioans over pretty quickly.

Charlotte Bobcats at New York Knicks
Ray Felton is out for vengeance against the team that let him walk this past offseason. It’s a real “Kill Bill” situation that’s sure to see Felton at the top of his game. If he can find the stadium, that is.

Philadelphia 76ers at Washington Wizards
John Wall might be back tonight. Which means he might face Evan Turner for the second time this season. Eventually, that won’t be exciting. But on a night like tonight, it means something. (Mostly that John Wall is way better, even with only one foot.)

Detroit Pistons at Dallas Mavericks
DeShawn Stevenson has made more three-pointers than twos and free throws combined. That’s kind of incredible. Sure, James Jones has done the same thing so far — and to a far greater extent — but he doesn’t have a neck tattoo of a president. Advantage: no one.