Boston Celtics 99, Atlanta Hawks 76
The Hawks had four players in double-digits, which isn’t terrible. What is terrible, however, is that those four players were Mike Bibby, Jamal Crawford, Josh Powell and Jordan Crawford. Even more terrible is the fact that Bibby led the team in scoring with a whopping 11.

Indiana Pacers 93, Miami Heat 77
Ha ha.

Oklahoma City Thunder 117, Minnesota Timberwolves 107
Six players from each team scored 10 or more points and that includes 21 points from Darko Milicic. I’m still trying to find documentation that they were playing with one of those miniature basketballs you get at Wal-Mart when you’re 12 years old, because that seems like a reasonable explanation.

San Antonio Spurs 106, Orlando Magic 97
Just in case you were wondering, Sean Elliott says that no one is allowed on the Spurs bandwagon because everyone was talking about the Heat, Magic, Celtics and Lakers in the preseason. Sorry, but he’s the boss of these things.

Phoenix Suns 123, Houston Rockets 116
I’m not sure if it’s a personal record, but Chuck Hayes has made five straight free throws. That might not seem like much, but when you shoot like this, it’s like Jose Calderon’s streak from 2009.

Utah Jazz 94, Sacramento Kings 83
Who does C.J. Miles think he is with this 20 or more points in back-to-back games nonsense? Judging by the name, probably the 1997 version of Miles Simon. Fine by me, fine by the Jazz.

Denver Nuggets 106, Golden State Warriors 89
Carmelo Anthony scored 39 on 24 shots and didn’t miss a free throw in 17 attempts. Amazingly, that’s already the fourth time this season that someone’s shot 16 or more free throws without missing. Not surprising is that none of those four times were by Dwight Howard.

Los Angeles Clippers 99, New Orleans Hornets 95
I’m not one to put passes in his mouth, but maybe Chris Paul kind of made a little mistakeski on that whole “Get it to David West” thing he tried on the Hornets’ last possession. Then again, I suppose he could possibly trust West a little more than Marco “Peach Iced Tea” Belinelli.