Ep. 615: Killer B's

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown a medley of NBA topics, including the Knicks’ spark plug, Coach D’Antoni’s adjusting offense, Larry Brown’s questionable final play, Joakim Noah’s awesome D, the Lakers’ bench, making love to pressure, spilt coffee and a look at your latest NBA doodle/comic book.

Pow! Bang! Bosh!

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Comments (15)

  1. Fantastic statistical breakdown of why Felton is struggling by Sebastian Pruiti: http://bit.ly/fbItGZ

  2. no one is excited about theo. Caracter!! The rookies and bench mob is doing well.

  3. Skeets…..nice to hear from you my old friend!

  4. “Put Noah with Al Horford and watch out” – Skeets

    Back to back NCAA championships. Go Gators.

  5. Players like Shannon Brown, Nate Rob and Blair, rapidly evolve their game on good teams, because everyday in practice they play against a) the best players in the league (Kobe, Pau, Duncan, Rondo) b) Have the best coaches teaching them the nuances in the game, and c) the will to win is contagious!… Imagine playing against Kobe and Ron everyday, you’re offense is going to jump leaps and bounds as you learn how the best defensive players will play you.

  6. Killer B’s: Brown, Blake, Barnes, Bynum, Bryant!!

  7. Yeah, I’m not quite sure what the excuses are, but I’m American, and will be watching the Jones on Thanksgiving.

  8. Woo my email got through :) You guys are spot on with Turiaf, he really is the heart of the knicks defense and really does save them from looking like they have a front court as soft as a blatche bosh combo.

    lol that was funny at the end with matt backing up enough to have the ladder in the shot, still practicing the shaky cam :P

    Don’t forget that Rondo also got that same advantage after Garnett and Allen joined just before his second season started and we’ve seen how quickly his game has evolved because of that environment (since he was rather pathetic at anything other then stealing in his rookie year).

  9. I would rather watch the Jones while eating a nice heart-healthy meal, than celebrate what has become a festival of gluttony known as Thanksgiving.

    Also, has JD or Matty O ever tripped when doing the back up? JD seems very steady, but I get the feeling Matt is trying to look behind him for wires while backing up, like he’s seen it go bad before or something.

  10. Ratliff had knee surgery so he’s going to be out for a long while

  11. Ronny Turiaf – Love him… but his name is pronounced “Rho – knee”.

  12. Amare reminds me of alanzo but without the defense. I honestly don’t think he’s the player david lee was. That being said they are kind’ve a wash. Can you honestly say there are any players starting on the knicks besides amare that are true starters in this league? I don’t think so. They may have the worst starting five in the league talent wise. My point is that Diantoni, while he seems like a prick, isn’t really to blame.

  13. Horford is a very good individual defender. Great strength. One of his main strengths is his physical strength. Not much of a shotblocker, merely an above average rebounder, though, which would make Noah very valuable.
    “Can you honestly say there are any players starting on the knicks besides amare that are true starters in this league? ”
    Yeah. Felton and Gallinari are both good. Landrey Fields has played very very well for anyone, not just a rookie. The Knicks have far from the worst starting 5.

  14. All info and matches of The New York Bricks should be canceled out this year.
    How many records, both good and bad have been set against them this year…Seriously.

  15. lol @ comment nr 3

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