It was just last week that Kevin Garnett was worried that the Celtics’ big free agent addition — Shaquille O’Neal, duh — was going to soften him up. According to KG, the Big Goofball likes keeping things light, unlike Garnett who prefers to stay on edge.

Turns out those fears aren’t unfounded. Just look at how Garnett described Shaq to the Boston Herald:

“Shaq is like paradise, man,” he said. “You ever wash your sheets and then go outside and hang them out, and the sun dries them? You ever smell the sheets?

“That’s what Shaq is, Shaq is like,” Garnett said before breathing in deeply, like he was inhaling fresh air. “I don’t want to give any products any tags right now, but you know what I’m saying. For anybody who’s ever hung out clothes, they know what I mean.”

Yep, that’s Kevin Garnett comparing Shaquille O’Neal to fresh laundry because he likes him so much. Not quite your typical KG fare, unless he said it with a headbutt and a scowl. Shaq’s breaking him down, for sure.

Next thing you know, he’ll be saying defense is OK, but that he prefers listening to Earth, Wind and Fire while peeling clementines. Get worried, Boston.