A year ago, LeBron James was one of the most well-liked players in the NBA. Fans ate up his dancing, smiling, chasedown-blocking antics like a very weird batch of Monster Cookies. But after this summer, he’s become public enemy No. 1, a preening, self-absorbed jerk who only cares about broing down in South Beach. It’s amazing the kind of effect one misguided TV special can have on a player’s reputation.

That LeBron hatred isn’t just a Cleveland-specific thing, either. No, those feelings of disgust permeate all around the league’s various cities, and that’s something that LeBron James can’t understand, man. From ESPN:

James admitted last week after another night of routine boos in Memphis that he’s been perplexed by some of the grief he’s received on the road this season.

“It is funny that Memphis fans and fans in the league — some of the fans that had nothing to do with what I did — still boo like I was sitting in their room saying I was coming to Memphis,” James said last Saturday.

On one hand, he is right — LeBron James did not sit in anyone’s room and tell them he was coming to Memphis. True statement. But on the other hand, TVs are usually in rooms and lots of people — not just in cities where LeBron could have ended up — had LeBron tell them he was not coming to their favorite team in a television special that most people hated before it even aired. Just a guess, but that’s probably the reason for the boos.

And really, I can’t foresee them stopping any time soon. People thought that once the season started, LeBron and the Heat would start doing some amazing things and everything would be forgiven. That hasn’t happened. Sure, we’re only an eighth of the way in to the season, but it’s hard to imagine everyone who hates LeBron to just be like, “Oh, he’s OK now.” Not gonna happen. Wouldn’t be prudent.

However, LeBron thinks it’s funny that he’s getting booed anywhere and everywhere. He wants the Heat to have more fun, so he can probably use that to his advantage. After all, nothing brings a team together like basking in the hate of its best player.

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  1. yeah, and i remember jordan getting booed a lot too, man. sure the ‘booing’ at lebron is different, but it’s the same old boo. got it? bye

  2. It’s not that he wasn’t coming to their town — it’s the sheer egotism of the act. Then the audacity of that rock concert arrival party where they proclaimed that the rest of the league was irrelevant. Nobody likes a millionaire who flaunts how full of themselves they are.

  3. The only thing that has perplexed me from the start is how for months leading up to the Summer of LeBron fans and sports media personalities were exclaiming how awesome it would be if LeBron held a nationally televised decision show. Some went so far as to suggest he sit down at a table with 3 hats of the three finalist teams and announced his decision by putting on the hat of the selected team.

    Then when he actually scheduled said ill-conceived television special he was metaphorically crucified.

    Just sayin.

  4. I don’t remember anybody saying that such a television show would be awesome. That thing came out of nowhere.

  5. haha that’s funny he (lebron) thinks it’s funny :))

  6. Wowzers. A joke that simultaneously references George HW Bush, and Dana Carvey’s impression of said Bush. “And lo, Trey said unto the internets, I shall conquer thee for yet another day!”

  7. It testifies to the stupidity of the fans that they choose to boo now. He’s always been a DB. I hated Lebron before cause of his stupid dances, arrogance, and ultimately, the ridiculous chalk throw…ughhhhh, he sucks (as a person).

  8. agree with walkerp, what the hell you talking ’bout willis (Nate)?

  9. Agree with ughhh. Always hated Lebron and this summer just made it even easier to justify my hatred towards that assbag.

  10. Lakers still win, better coach, more big men….. and kobe.
    Hype is awesome, through chalk everywhere after you have a ring or 5…. but then when you get there usually you act like its nothing.
    those 3 will be trouble together and only a jackson/auerbach type coach can handle all that, WHO is there coach again? Riley will be coaching by mid season.
    They now have 3 players on their team that are worthy of the NBA, by this teams have a %40 advantage each night.
    Stars on other teams can flow, get lots of shots and attention, you can’t have 3 guys who want to be the chalk thrower on the same team. Imagine kobe not getting a shot for a whole quarter on a regular basis?
    THese guys need lots of touches.
    They will iron things out but in the end they are playing to beat the lakers like all else
    And i’ll still take the celtics over them in the east

  11. One thing Lebron has done is made the NBA second most talked about sport in North America. Great job!! However NBA needs to start finding someone new to drive the NBA because Kobe is getting old and the Big 3 are all now wing man at a club on south beach. Durant has no style, Howard can’t score outside the key, Chris Paul wants out, and Melo hates snow. Here a thought, maybe the NBA should start building teams as a whole rather than building players. This might work because the NFL has the best the model to follow.

  12. This is what he wants! He wants to be the most talked about guy. Don’t feel bad or sympathize when he seems perplexed by it. He wanted to be the most talked about, most in the spotlight guy in the league. So this is what it’s like. Nobody put it on him but himself.

  13. I agree with Nick L. He knew precisely what he was doing and pretending he doesn’t understand why he’s getting booed everything is total BS. Perhaps he didn’t realize the circus that was the Decision would cause such a backlash but ultimately it does work in his advantage because day after day, we all continue to talk about him even though the Heat isn’t doing anything they were expected to.

  14. Watch those towels they have on the bench. Found one from the playoffs that Lebron tossed in. see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOq8gkk02WY

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