When the Miami Heat struggled to an 11-10 start to the ’05-06 season, Pat Riley shocked the league by replacing Stan Van Gundy on the bench. Could the same fate befall current Heat coach Erik Spoelstra?

Um, does a turducken make you fat?

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Comments (19)

  1. lollllllll you did it again

  2. This made my day looooool

  3. Good video, I enjoyed it, also love the fact S. V.G sounds like a weird cartoon character.

  4. The role of Stan Van Gundy in that feature was actually played by the real Stan Van Gundy. That’s why the voice was so dead-on

    - Jeff


  6. You waxed Pressure’s ass, JD. Classic other than Trey’s hamming. Haha.

  7. Tomorrow’s headline:

    >> Stan Van Gundy Calls The Basketball Jones ‘Ignorant’ <<

  8. This should be an on-going segment. Kinda like the Nike puppets but much better.

  9. wat s the song used in the intro

  10. This photo is kind of funny in this context. Check out Spoelstra in the backgroud.


  11. Good turkeys put their necks on the stump without fuss.

  12. Haha who did SVG’s voice?

  13. This was pretty weak in comparison to your other stuff.

  14. @Emma – Matty O.

  15. FYI, putting a video on the internet does not make it viral.

    Videos can go viral. Not every video on the internet is viral.

  16. I love you guys…seriously.

    P.S. Boothy, what are you a lawyer?

  17. Everything we touch goes viral.

    It’s called herpes.

  18. Ohhh… that’s brave of you to admit it. Most wouldn’t.

  19. Once again, AWESOME.

    Loved SVG’s voice, that really made the clip jump to life

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