I’m not going to pretend to know exactly what’s going on here, but I’ll certainly ruminate on this little 18 second Nike/LeBron James/Seth MacFarlane thing. Yes, “thing,” because no other word makes sense.

According to NESW, this stinger plays before all of Seth MacFarlane’s — famous for “Family Guy,” “American Dad,” and being the worst — videos on his YouTube page. It’s an enormous anthropomorphic Nike LeBron 8s putting on a pair of tiny LeBron Jameses, but it’s really LeBron’s dream until he wakes up and sees the giant shoe. I mean, that’s definitely what happens, but I don’t know why. Maybe it’s some sort of “Inception” thing, since dream movies are huge now.

LeBron’s a big “Family Guy” fan — he’s had Stewie shoes and the Cavaliers used a “Family Guy”-styled video in their fruitless attempt to retain the MVP — and MacFarlane is good at making money. Since MacFarlane’s YouTube background is plastered with similar images, I’d be willing to bet there’s some sort of full-fledged LeBron/MacFarlane/Nike ad on the way.

At the very least, there’s an 18 second video of LeBron James being scared of a pair of LeBron James’ shoes. And really, that’s probably enough.

(via TrueHoop)