Washington Wizards 116, Philadephia 76ers 114 OT
Good one, John Wall. Very smart. Very savvy. Very Chauncey Billups. Well played.

New Jersey Nets 107, Atlanta Hawks 101 OT
Really a nice win for New Jersey, who got 32 points and nine rebounds from Brook Lopez. Not so nice is the two game suspension of Terrence Williams, who is being punished for — I assume — doing Terrence Williams-y things.

Indiana Pacers 100, Cleveland Cavaliers 89
The Cavs’ bench outscored their starters 57-32, which might make you think that the wrong guys are starting. Additionally, Tas Melas’ favorite Pacer is Roy Hibbert, because the NBA hasn’t had a really good Roy since at least Roy Rogers. No, Brandon doesn’t count.

New York Knicks 110, Charlotte Bobcats 107
Each team had six guys in double figures, which just goes to show you that anyone can score against the Knicks. Except, apparently, Nazr Mohammed and Dominic McGuire, but that’s not too surprising.

Dallas Mavericks 88, Detroit Pistons 84
Pro-Tip for the Pistons: Don’t let Dirk Nowitzki score 42 points when your entire team only scores 84. It’s way too easy to imagine that two Dirks would equal an entire team. And while we can all agree that two Dirks would be hilarious, it’s not worth the risk.

Los Angeles Lakers 98, Chicago Bulls 91
Shannon Brown scored 21 points on 14 shots last night. When he played for Chicago, he scored 9 total points in six games. Apparently, the Bulls — and their announcers, who couldn’t believe that Shannon made so many shots even though he’s done that this entire season — are completely unaware of the three years that have passed since then.