Yikes, Mikhail Prokhorov

There are some things that are just not OK to joke about. I’d list some of them, but that would violate the rule.

However, I can tell you for sure that what Mikhail Prokhorov said to June Ambrose — an African-American stylist and author — is definitely off-limits. See for yourself.

Met w/ a Russian Billionaire who owns an NBA team, I asked do u like scarfs, response: scarfs are for making a noose and hanging people [sic]

Umm … that is not good. At all.

No idea what the background for that conversation is — other than Prokhorov’s thoughts on neckwear — but there’s no way bringing up hanging people is good. Maybe there’s some sort of language barrier and he was trying to make a joke or something, but what came out is pretty terrible. Even if it’s out of context, that’s one of those things you leave out of conversation if at all possible. Odds are, it’s going to make you look ignorant, insensitive and possibly racist. Triple yikes, really.

In related news, David Stern’s Thanksgiving weekend just got a lot more stressful.

(via Megan Wilson)