Ep. 616: Full Nelson

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas break down the Heat/Magic game before zipping around the league to bring you the best of a busy night in basketball. Can Miami stop the bleeding? How did Jameer Nelson exploit the Heat’s weaknesses? What underrated offensive skill has Dwight Howard finally perfected? All that, plus Delonte West goes down, Shaq rises up, the Spurs get bailed out, the Cavs beat the buzzer, and Skeets and Tas have a Ronny.

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Comments (20)

  1. when will the Bulls get some tbj love?

  2. Um … right here.

  3. I’m pretty sure that Turiaf asked that his name be pronounced the “American” way when he was playing in LA.

  4. Yup… Since he’s french, and his name is english/american, I don’t think he cares…

    And no mention of a Rony with one N on basketball-reference.com or wikipedia…
    You must be thinking of Seikaly…

  5. Tas, the 8 and 7 Heat “look” like a good team?

    It’s Thanksgiving, not April Fools dude.

    Eat your soup.

  6. What is the name of the opening song that goes something like, “If I love you too then will you both attack me”? I have been looking for like half-an-hour and can’t figure it out. Thanks.

  7. Do you guys actually have to talk about every Heat game because I don’t think real NBA fans care about them as much as you think (including me).

  8. Skeets is being dramatic? Come one Tas, weren’t you saying something about rock bottom last game?

  9. Sure the Heat are interesting ’cause you still don’t know what to expect from them in the longterm. And even this early in the season it’s suprising to see them struggle that bad. (@Noah)

    Intro song – curious me too

  10. @BigEarn I just don’t think it needs to take up half the show, there are plenty of other interesting story lines

  11. @Noah – We watch games that the people want to watch. Right now, the Heat are hot, but that’ll change. And our storylines will adapt.

    @Jesse – The new TBJ theme song is “Bones Attack” by The Meligrove Band.You can download it here: http://bit.ly/dvoT9y

    @Vesper – My soup was as delicious as a big serving of humble pie. Don’t worry, you’ll be tasting that pie when the Heat force you to believe they’re a good team.

    @Illmatic – I know, that was misconstrued a little bit. I just meant rock bottom at that moment in time, after their most disappointing loss of the year to the Pacers.

  12. And……… No Overdose tomorrow folks, although our TV “highlights” will be posted here. Trey and Matt aren’t around. God speed.

  13. how early do you guys film this?! cars still have their headlights on outside!

  14. I agree, referees are better if they have played some organized ball, so are podcasters/ commentators… The lack of fundamental basketball knowledge is becoming cringe worthy.

  15. What it’s like a pff pff pff pff…havin’ a roni! :o)

  16. i cant believe the talk of the show wasnt CP3 and D-Will

  17. I do have to say watching the TnT crew calling the wiz-hawks game and clippers-kings game reminds me why you guys are pretty darn awesome and actually know quite a few things about basketball.

    @Chris though not all commentators and podcasters are better playing organized ball listening to the tnt game announcers (all with nba coaching/game experince) confused why josh smith was destorying a 3 guard lineup and why 3 ballhandlers can’t make for a smooth offense (its because none of them know how to play off the damn ball) made me want the jones to announce the game or realgm users.

    Oh and webber said that blatche is a great young forward that has lots of energy and effort….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZsgq7uGRpI

  18. Shaq has been such an asset. He was great against the Hawks as well. When Perk is back and getting big minutes, having Shaq will be….like KG said…..paradise.

  19. The more I see the TnT guys the more it’s disappointing. Last time one of them was saying Felton is loving (and fitting in) the D’Antoni system…

    @Tas : I see the point on why you talk about the Heat. And maybe it’s also because I was already fed up with it after two weeks in the season but it’s a little frustrating not hearing about other good games :-/

  20. Most times the Magic wont start Redick if their healthy.

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