What should you do, LeBron? Be legendary, I guess.

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  1. Haha….Eat a Dick LeBron

  2. LeBron had the “quitness” since birth…Here a commerical of BabyBron http://bit.ly/cIr7U1

  3. I’d love to see what’s been going on internally at LRMR lately, re: clients, new business, etc., given Lebron’s inability to manage his own trainwreck. The guy is so desperately overexposed and just keeps stepping into traffic.

  4. It’s amazing how well this mix works. Especially since the most annoying and underexposed flaw of LeBron James, the basketball player is the inability to take the balme for anything and making constant excuses. This is what saparates him from some of the greats. He spoiled us, he’s playing too much minutes (after a game where he played like 3 minutes more than his career average), he praises his fantastic defense on Rudy Gay on the last play of a game his team lost (huh? I get it, you played good D on Gay on the last play but that’s really what you want to say after a loss?). I probably would feel bad for him (since he’s getting criticized for anything he does right now) if not for the fact that the pressure of being considered one of all time greats compared to the legends of the game was self-inflicted (the chosen one?). You reap what you sow

  5. I really like how this meshes and how it points about failure being fuel. If anything makes me think Lebron should deal with this right now its because of how he always gets overconfident and brags till shit hits the fan then he looks for someone to toss under a bus. That and im pretty sure you would never see any of the players in the hall of fame just give up like he did in game 5 against the celtics and for the last 8 minutes of game 6. God i played harder then him trying to win my high school tournaments.

  6. Cleveland’s response to Nike’s recent “Rise” Commercial…


  7. @no_quit: yea that was posted on here not too long ago.

  8. Nice work again. This commercial was screaming for parodies since it came out.

  9. In fact I found the original ad quite good. And for once Lebron’s communication wasn’t self-destructive…

    But this one is waaaayyy better ! It could end with something like “just ouch” ;-)

  10. Well, maybe not self-destructive… just completely self-centered and self-satisfied as everything you here from him.

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