Due to the Treaty of Bucharest, we can’t show you our entire 22-minute television program from Thursday night. But what we can show you is this slap-chopped, jump-cuttin’ remix that features NBA lockout preparations, Crossfire (which includes heated debates over our Western Conference All-Star forwards and the “winner” of the Hornets-Raps trade), a big Book-Off Pay-Off announcement and much more. Enjoy!

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Comments (13)

  1. A camera in a bathroom? I can see that one not going over too well

  2. Wanker of the week has to go to Tas, who on Tuesday called it the lowest point of the season for the Heat, on Thursday snapped at Skeets for suggesting there’s anything wrong with them… and later that day gave the Wanker of the Week to D Wade.

    To top that off – he made fun of a father of 3 who passed away last year.

    TBJ, you are a better group then you showed with the Michael Jackson joke. Saying something like that in private maybe would get some laughs, but doing it on TV shows poor writing and lack of class.

  3. Chill Vesper, everyone makes fun of Michael Jackson. A 1 week grace period is all that is necessary to not speak ill of the dead when they are celebrity’s

  4. @Vesper – thanks for taking the time to comments. First, what I meant when it said it was the “lowest point of the Heat’s season” on Tuesday was that, so far, it was the lowest point of their year. They got blown out. I didn’t say they weren’t better than their record indicates, as I did on the television show, and on episode 616 after their game vs Orlando. We’ll all talk when they hit the 55-win mark, easily. I called D-Wade a wanker for not handling his business properly that night – the same night I said it was the “lowest point of the Heat’s season”.

    As for Michael, please go back and re-watch. No one is “poking fun” at him. Geesh. We would have made the same comments whether he was dead or alive – and in either situation, they weren’t harmful.

  5. “We don’t spend enough time together” wtf? lmfao that was really funny

  6. I don’t see how anything said about Michael Jackson in this was offensive at all. Anyway, I agree with Skeets. There will be a lockout, and all us NBA fans have to just hope that it’s all resolved by October so we don’t have another partial season or a NHL type scenario with no season at all.

  7. I don’t like that Crossfire thing very much. You’re in such a hurry getting your points done, it loses the fun I usually have following your discussions. And didn’t I hear you both agree in one of the previous episodes on both teams (Raps and Hornets) being the winners in this trade? You didn’t make a point about Bayless’ potential back then, though I think you’re right there. I already liked him with the Blazers.

  8. Can we expect an Overdose today?

  9. Nope, on the last episode of the fix they said they all need time or are not free for making an overdose. Too bad but at least it shows they are human :-)

    Agree with BigEarn, it’s such a rush it’s kind of difficult to follow. What about a 30 sec (or less) each one at a time ?

  10. lol but thats what crossfire is hence the name its just a segment, i like it its a change of pace for the show

  11. That elf suggestion was the funniest shit i’ve heard all year from this show..
    I just imagine a bunch of back up point gaurds coming in as elves with no type of uniform on what so ever.. just green and red jumpers, a silly hat, and those jingle ball shoes..

    also i will start saying, “no one ever listens to stan van!!”
    after someone does not take advice (from whoever) and it blows up in their face..
    Like a internet meme that got so popular you start using it as an actual response.
    Like fail, or hide yo kids/hide yo wife, or FUUUUUUUUU
    That’s when you know that you’ve made it in the internet, when you get your own meme

  12. Can’t believe you guys didn’t crack up while arguing X-mas tie-ins. Kudos.

  13. Oh, Skeets, going for the smart look with the shirt.

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