According to the Mavericks’ YouTube page, “the single most powerful force in the universe is not gravity, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or the product that keeps Jimmy Johnson’s hair from moving … it is Dirk Nowitzki’s fall-away jump shot.”


(via Mavs Moneyball)

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  1. AWESOME! Mavs will use that power to destroy the Heat tonight :)


    LeBron bumping into Spoelstra.

  3. That LeBron/Spoelstra clip’s showing everywhere right now… the dam’s starting to crumble.

  4. I’d say it was intentional.

  5. comment on lebron youtube clip: Phil Jackson would have pimp slapped LeBron with his fully ringed hand!

  6. Hector – I’d most definitely agree – did you catch Spoelstra’s look?
    ShaunCam – LeBron would have injured himself. I don’t think Jackson’s shoulders have a lot of give.

    The media by and large likes being ahead on trends… it’s getting difficult to see how LeBron comes out ahead on all this. What’s the saying about being careful who you screw with on the way up? I think the rollercoaster’s at that point where it shudders slowly to the top and then hesitates for a maddening moment.

  7. -Just so you know how fucked up youtube is: I can’t watch the video in germany because it has “contend from umg”.

  8. dont they think that watching a funny video with their music in the backgroung might convince me to fuckin’ buy the song?

  9. The King Crimson sample seems pretty out of place to me. Great video, though.

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