Outside of getting his wrinkly head dunked on, Shane Battier had an excellent game last night. Sterling defense on the NBA’s leading scorer, four three pointers and — most unusual — a game-clinching floater with a minute remaining.

It was such a success, in fact, that the Rockets are now considering using that play exclusively in high pressure situations late in the game. From the Houston Chronicle:

“I was getting a bunch of help from (Rockets vice president) Sam Hinkie,” Battier said. “It’s the only move that I have in my book. It’s called the shimmy. Sam was giving me a lot of grief for using that. He said, ‘It’s our new go-to play at the end of the game.’ I said, “If that’s our go-to play, we’re in serious trouble.’”

Hey, if you’re only going to have one move, it’s best that it’s a running floater that comes off a possible travel. Not only is it basically indefensible, when it comes from a guy who usually just hangs out in the corner it’s even more effective. Just ask the Thunder.

Now, the only problem is using it too much. After all, it’d be totally unfair for Shane Battier to score every single time down the court. Plus, I’m sure the Rockets are wary of Antoine Walker suing for copyright infringement.

Of course, Battier’s a Duke grad, so he could probably find some way around that lawsuit. The guy just gets more valuable by the second.