TBJ Top 5, featuring the Cole Bowl

Way back on June 24, Cole Aldrich was a New Orleans Hornet for about 48 minutes. Then, he was traded to the Thunder, where he played — imagine that — 48 NBA minutes. If he weren’t down in the D-League playing for the Tulsa 66ers, this would be a really big game for him. Next time.

New Orleans Hornets at Oklahoma City Thunder
The Hornets have lost three of their last four. The Thunder two of their last three, including a loss on a missed Kevin Durant buzzer beater last night. Needless to say, these teams could really use a win right now. Not that they couldn’t always use a win, but tonight is extra special since David West’s mom promised she’d buy the Hornets ice cream if they won.

Milwaukee Bucks at Utah Jazz
Just a few seasons ago, both of these teams were wearing terrible purple uniforms. Now, they both look pretty nice even if the pairing of the red and green Bucks jerseys and his low-top all-black shoes makes it look like Brandon Jennings is taking garbage out to the curb the day after Christmas. Still an upgrade for both teams.

Houston Rockets at Dallas Mavericks
The Rockets only won 36 percent of their games when Brad Miller was headbandless, compared to 100 percent of their games when his forehead is sweat free. If there were a way to bet on it, I’d wager that we see some terrycloth in Dallas tonight.

Washington Wizards at Miami Heat
If there were ever a team for the Heat to play now that they’re dealing with some complaining, it’s the Minnesota Timberwolves. But since they’re busy eating burritos, the Washington Wizards are a fine substitute. Unless, of course, Soulja Boy shows up. If that’s the case, all bets are off.

The Hurt Locker (8pm ET, The Movie Channel)
Well, it’s either this or an all-new hour of “Little People, Big World” on TLC. Your choice.