Things that are great about this video:

  • The dunk, obviously.
  • The scream after the dunk.
  • Whoever it is on the Rockets — Courtney Lee, I think — who jumps up off the bench in amazement even though his team just got posterized.
  • Shane Battier’s “Yep, I just got dunked on viciously” face as he jogs back up the court.
  • The resulting poster, which is after the jump.

You’ve got to love the looks of concern on all the faces of the Rockets’ coaches. It’s like they know that something very bad is about to happen to their team.

Correct assumption.

Comments (7)

  1. Scola is very wisely shielding his eyes from the imminent blast wave.

  2. Hey guys- I’m a huge TBJ fan! love it and check often.

    I just created a similar smaller site, just specializing in videos. Would love if it you guys could give it a chance. It’s called And One for Ostertag.

    Thanks very much!

  3. The pic is priceless. Adelman is playing the same defense as Scola.

  4. Things that are great about this video:

    - That walk he does after the dunk.

  5. Hey, great dunk!

    Too bad they lost the game.

  6. [...] secret weapon Posted by Trey Kerby under Houston Rockets on Nov 29, 2010 Outside of getting his wrinkly head dunked on, Shane Battier had an excellent game last night. Sterling defense on the NBA’s leading [...]

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