Chill out, Juwan Howard

Chill out, Juwan Howard.

Listen, man, I know you want to prove to your teammates that you’ve got their backs. That is very noble of you, I guess. But pushing Hilton Armstrong in the back when he’s trying to help up the guy who he just fouled is so not chill. I know you probably think it’s the 90′s because you’re a thousand years old and have diminished mental facilities, but this is not the 90′s. You can’t just be pushing people to the ground all over the place because that’s how they did it when you entered the league. This is not ‘Nam, Juwan. There are rules.

In conclusion — chill out, Juwan Howard.

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  1. Christ, if Juwan didn’t do anything to stand up for his teammate you’d be talking about how this team has no respect for each other. What Juwan did was perfect and it shows that this team is coming together and standing up for one another.

  2. I love Joel’s hand pushing off Gilberts head

  3. Gotta love homer announcers. Was it a bad foul? Yes. That’s why he got ejected. Was it any worse than Howard running at a guy from behind and knocking him to the ground, after the play was dead? No.

    To be fair to Juwan, he probably couldn’t see that Armstrong was trying to make sure Anthony was okay. Cataracts and all that.

  4. Good to see that was his first instinct. This happens in a split second – he just didn’t sit back, pause, and say “oh, he’s trying to HELP him”. It’s not like he started wailing on him.

    I want Juwan Howard on my team. I must have diminished mental facilities as well. :)

  5. Where’s Chris Webber and Jalen Rose when you need em. lol

  6. I don’t think you guys know how much I love Juwan Howard. Except Unsilent. He knows.

  7. I like the announcer: “He could have really hurt himself if he had fallen differently!” Juwan overreacted in his senility. Armstrong was going for the classy, help the guy I just annihilated with a hard foul move.

  8. The man is sticking up for his team-mate that just got gooned.

    Why hate on Juwan and diss him because of his age?

    you need a slap in the head Kerby

  9. I have to agree with F-Da,

    So Juwan is one of the oldest players in the league but nobody wants to give him props for still holding it down in the L?

    I don’t know if Kerby has played any team sports but his reaction is understandable from either side.

    I think Trey is the one who needs to chill

  10. I hope when I knock out Trey Kerby’s teeth, he tells his friends to chill out and not react in his defense

  11. Juwan just earned himself some more playing time when he gets back from the suspension.

  12. I believe that Juwan Howard was okay with the foul and was ready to move on.

    But when the Wizards player moved quickly towards his teammate, Juwan didn’t know if Armstrong was planning on helping up Anthony or punching him the face. He reacted how 95% of us would. It is great to have hindsight but in the moment, Juwan was protecting a defenseless teammate that he believed was about to be attacked.

    I applaud Juwan Howard for his actions.

  13. “Gotta love homer announcers. Was it a bad foul? Yes. That’s why he got ejected. Was it any worse than Howard running at a guy from behind and knocking him to the ground, after the play was dead? No.”

    This is really silly. I think the laws of physics should have a quiet word with you. They want to be understood.

    Really, fouls like that are first rate dick moves and indeed pretty dangerous. Armstrong got away cheaply with being pushed a little in the back there. And how absurd is it to foul someone like that and then rushing to help him up like a guilty child. That’s like spitting someone in the face and immediately offering them a kleenex.

  14. Juwan was entirely in the right. Armstrong was out of line and Juwan wasn’t sure if Armstrong was going in for more action. In the heat of the moment on the court, Juwan gets +10 brownie points for backing his teammate up, and you get -10 points for telling him to chill out.

  15. what kinda punkass tells a man to chill out when he’s defending his teammate?

  16. It makes me incredibly happy that CO,JH will live on here at the TBJ. Love you forever Trey

  17. “That’s like spitting someone in the face and immediately offering them a kleenex.” so true lol. and I totally agree with everything else you said. A player that flagrantly fouls someone like that probably deserves more than getting pushed to the ground. Juwan Howard is the man!

  18. Other than the fix, 90% of the posts on this site are from Trey if you don’t like him maybe its time to find a new blog. I personally think he’s hilarious.

  19. Juwan Howard for City Councilman

  20. How the hell has nobody commented on the ref?

    That guy is fucking hilarious! Seriously, right after Juwan’s senile twitch, the ref puts on a little musical performance with his whistle. Peep the good. Get a laugh. His pointing stance is priceless, as well.

    Oh, and really? You rugged folks above think Juwan merits “team chemistry” and “braveheart” points for shoving a dude to the ground from behind?! How about scoring a bucket for some points? Or moving his feet to prevent some? No? Okay. Whatever.

    I mean, I know he pushed “Armstrong”…but my theory is that his dementia took over to the point where he thought Armstrong was a healing Haslem and took the opportunity to secure himself a roster spot…but the episode wore off just before he could get to beating “Armstrong” into the ground, realizing then that is wasn’t a healed Udonis. He walked away from the tantrum rejuvenated as put in his press conference, “relieved and satisfied to know that not only do I still have a secure spot on the roster, but that I also won over the (meatheaded) fans of Miami and basketball.” all in one unclear, yet oh so vivid instance.

    Whatever his motivation, one thing is for sure, he needs to get back on the Xanax train and quick…before his episodes turn into this…….

  21. Um, Stro Show is spot on.

  22. We miss juwan in Portland, he should have stayed here, not like he’s going to win one in Miami.

  23. Whatever happened to The Blowtorch? I loved the “Chill out Juwan Howard.” stuff and pretty much everything else on the site. Also love Juwan, or “Old Man Rivers” as he’s known in Portland.

  24. Trey, this is what you get for changing jobs.

    If you had stayed on the Blowtorch, your readers would have known your long, witty history of “Chill Out Juwan Howard” posts, and would have celebrated with you at this ultimate Chill Out Juwan moment.

    But because you have defected to TBJ, all these newbies see is a cranky writer picking on a scared old man.

    It seems like Juwan is the final victor. Savor the irony Trey.

  25. I understand where Howard was coming from. Though the replay clearly shows that Armstrong was reaching out an arm to pick the guy who he just cleaned his clock. But in that split second it Howard probably saw it as maybe someone trying to attack his defenseless teammate..

  26. It also doesn’t help that Armstrong look like he was running at the defenseless player.

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