Ep. 618: 1234thQ

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown the game of the night: Hornets vs. Thunder. How’d the Thunder finally stop David West? Do the Hornets have a 4th quarter scoring problem? Why does OKC win so many close games? All that, plus Al Jefferson is getting comfortable, NBA coaches square off in a hypothetical All-Star Game battle, and a Canadian celebrity sighting!

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Comments (49)

  1. Yes I know who Feist is…..

  2. Man thank god u posted this pretty early or else i would have died in my bio lecture

  3. I don’t know who Feist is

  4. I know who Feist is but that’s because my girlfriend likes her a lot.

  5. Yeah I know who Feist is…but more importantly…do you know who Jamie Feick is?

  6. What song is it in the intro?

  7. Feist is pretty famous in the States

  8. Best part of the show is Matt’s banshee laugh during the closing quote.

    P.S. Fiest was in Broken Social Scene. One of my favorite bands in college

  9. I also know who Feist is. That 1,2,3,4 music video was legit.

    Jazz play Pacers on Wednesday then the Mav’s on Friday. Both should be good games.

  10. @Johnny: I had the same question a little while ago. Tas explained it is “Bones Attack” by the Meligrove Band. He posted a link a couple episodes ago where you can download it for free.

    Since I answered that question, I think I should get to ask what the middle punk song is that has lyrics like, “Last night, went out with my friends. Tonight, I’ll do it again.” Normally the song is credited by I didn’t see it there.

  11. feist is for sure (big?) in southern cal

  12. Everyone knows who feist is. the people who don’t are lying.

    While we are talking about songs, can someone help me find more v1rtu tracks? I don’t do the facebook, or the myspace. The google she does not turn up much, and the link to his site is down.

  13. Feist is pretty well known here in Holland too, her (& Broken Social Scene) shows get sold out pretty quickly.

  14. @Jesse: Thanks a lot!

  15. @Johnny: Jesse is right – The new TBJ theme song is “Bones Attack” by The Meligrove Band.You can download it here: http://bit.ly/dvoT9y

    @Everyone: I don’t know who Feist is.

  16. Expect at least one cheap foul from Dirk when he visits “the city of Utah” on Friday.

  17. Hornets record this year:
    With Peja: 10-1
    Without: 2-4

    There might be a few (5) DNP’s in there.

  18. I know who Feist is, because of the Colbert Christmas special.

  19. i know who feist is also, the 1,2,3,4 video made sure of that

  20. Skiles starts at center for the East. You want to talk feisty? Skiles fought Shaq.

  21. Wow really glad I watched to hear Matt’s laugh at the end there. Amazing.

  22. I’m Canadian and I don’t know who Feist is

  23. American who knows who Feist is

  24. A question for you guys

    Is Westbrook the best player on the Thunder now?

  25. It is dark as fcuk. Phil Jackson will need a wheelchair. Jerry Sloan is a beast, he’ll make Spoelstra shit his pants by talking smack. And was that Matteo w/ the giggles?!

  26. Of course I know who Feist is! She was in Broken Social Scene.

    And don’t forget about Keith Smart in the West, he could come off the bench and hit a big shot or two.

  27. yeah i know who feist is. shes moderately famous in the states i guess.

  28. I live in oklahoma and definitely know who feist is. Not crazy about indie rock but have friends who are and I remember hearing grumbling a few years back because feist was becoming too mainstream and no longer truly “indie”.

    Why the fuck THAT matters is another discussion.

  29. Thunder are amazing at the ft line this season. It is really impressive. Also good is how consistently they get to the line. Even in Utah, as the road team, they went to the line 30+ times for a significant margin in their favor in a close win. Hmmmm. Shows you the benefit of driving vs. being a jump shooting team.

    The Jazz play Skeets was talking about calls for a cross screen across the paint where the main power guy (Al Jeff here, previously Malone) gets a screen from a guard with the hopes of a mismatch. There are a few variations of this where the screener then gets a screen from another big, and runs from the paint to the top of the three point arc, or where it’s a slip screen and cut by the second big (Millsap) who gets the pass from AK.

    Why can’t the Heat run the flex offense, it would be great for their directionless squad who need to re-learn fundamentals and teamwork???

  30. From San Jose, CA: We know Feist! :)

  31. Feist is awesome. Pretty famous with the indie music crowd, not sure she’s really crossed over though.

  32. Had no clue who Feist was before this episode, and after looking up a few of her songs, I am now sad that I know who she is. Not good music, in my opinion.

  33. MATTY-O u made this episode man. had me burst out laughing in history class while professor lecturing about genocide.


  34. @BRYAN http://www.divshare.com/download/6472528-b17
    man! there’s so many people in here you have to shout!

    I’m downloading it right now, so I don’t know if it’s virus-free.

  35. Yeah I know who Fiest is, iTunes commerical haha

    And Skeets, you’re forgetting that Phil can hardly move around anymore. Tas has the winning team because even with your bigs, they’re too immobile to guard his “young” pg’s

  36. Matt, you lucky dog… It looks like us Americans know some Canadian singers better than you. Let It Die is a good Feist album to start with.
    Thanks for introducing me to The Meligrove Band, by the way. Planets Conspire is a hell of an album.

  37. Tas, if Triano is behind D’Antoni, does that mean you’re starting D’Antoni at the point guard spot? Doc would dominate him. Doc was drafted ten years after him. You’re crazy not to start him. Back when I was in grad school I worked at starbucks and I made doc a caramel macchiato……..I shook his hands first…they’re gigantic. Biggest hand I ever shook. And yet, he ordered a grande (medium). That’s always puzzled me. Why only a medium sized beverage for such a large hand?

    Assistant coaches would totally change the game. Ewing in the East would be a monster. I could be wrong, but I also believe Kareem is an assistant for the Lakers. They gave him a ring for something at the ceremony.

  38. Heeeey Tas, thank you for puting the Rondos and Super Rondos into the show, you made my day as a diehard TBJ field scavanger… :D

  39. Are you guys going to leave the elephant in the room unmentioned with every OKC game: What the F is up with Krstic’s hair!?

  40. So, if that idea from the NHL is implemented for the NBA All-Star weekend, would team captains be allowed to pick players from across the league? Or would they still have to stick to players in their conference?

    Because, if you stick to conferences it doesn’t make much of a difference: Starting fives still get picked by the fans and reserves would be picked by the team captains instead of the head coaches…

  41. Feist won the Juno for Album of the Year a couple of years back, so yeah, I know her.

  42. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dgkmikdVM8
    Keith Smart. And he’s only 46 years old.

  43. Also, if Tas is going with assistant coaches, how come he gave no love to Alex English? 8 time All-Star and a former scoring champion!

  44. @breyzh:


  45. Of course I know who Feist is. However, I did not know she was Canadian.

    Speaking of Canadian musicians, I think TBJ should rock some 90′s Canadian power pop sometime.

  46. Anybody know that westcoast track snippet played at the 14:30 mark?

  47. I know Feist. BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE.

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