For the second game in a row, Cleveland Cavaliers forward J.J. Hickson took to the court in a pair of Nike Zoom Sharkleys that very likely tasted like French’s mustard. Mmmm … mustard.

And for the second night in a row, he was ridiculed.

”They’re the ugliest shoes in the history of the NBA,” an exasperated Chris Webber told NBATV co-analysts Ernie Johnson and Kevin McHale during the Celtics-Cavs halftime break. “They match nothing.” (But hey, they go great with last season’s ketchup kicks, right?)

Believe it or not, Hickson actually wanted the shoes to be even more golden/tastier than they turned out. According to Sole Collector, Hickson “asked for all gold,” including the wine-colored “JJ 21″ on the shoe’s heel, but ultimately decided that he had to throw a different color in there somewhere.

“On TV it’s going to look crazy, like I have gold flakes on my feet!”

Yes, gold flakes. That’s exactly what they look like.