Borderline offensive? Not in my book. But hey, what do I know? I record podcasts about dolphin sex and shit.

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  1. They all knew right away that he probably shouldn’t have said that

  2. oh my god that shit was hilarious

  3. That dolphin romance book sounds really interesting but it would have been better if the guy had titled it “Sushi Torpedos” and had his special friend go off to work with the military in the end?

  4. that was hilarious… but i could see myself reacting in offense if those words came out of charles barkleys mouth. it must be that happy-go-lucky attitude of kevin mchale that has me convinced he’s harmless.

  5. Remember people, McHale played for the Celtics…. Screw Cleveland, LBJ should be worried about visiting Boston

  6. perfect. fucking perfect.

  7. Wait, I’m confused… what’s so offensive about that joke?

  8. For fun: Pat Riley starring in “The Hangover” with LBJ

  9. KMac should immediately apologize to anyone who’s unlucky enough to own a copy of “Persistence of Time” or “Fistful of Metal”.

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