Remember last year when a group of fans somehow convinced the city of Cleveland to let them put up a massive mural imploring LeBron James to stay with the Cavaliers? That was awesome because, as John Lennon said, power to the people. That a small group of fans could do something huge like a billboard was pretty cool.

But now, LeBron James is in Miami and there’s nothing more vandalizey in Cleveland than a giant picture of his face. Ergo, the mural’s down and something needs to be done with it. Double ergo, it’s going on eBay, along with the domain name ( of the group who helped put it together.

So, if for some reason you want a gigantic piece of splendid artwork — the mural is illustrated by Glen Infante, the mastermind behind I Love the Hype and a talented artist — then check back with eBay as soon as they approve the auction. I’m not sure what you’re going to do with a 70′ x 20′ piece of vinyl, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Maybe make a costume or something.