The very best World AIDS Day shoes

Yesterday was World AIDS Day and the NBA did their part to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic by wearing red shoes, warmups and various accessories. It’s not much but it’s something. Here are the best sneakers from last night…

Gerald Wallace — Air Jordan II

Love these so much. Not only is the Jordan II a great looking shoe, they look really nice in bright red. Sure, some people will disagree, but they’re just being silly sticks in the mud. Along with Gilbert Arenas’ all red Jordan Vs (of which there are no good pictures) these were the best of the night. D.J. Augustin also had these on, so it was double good.

John Wall — Reeboz Zig Slash

Usually, these shoes come in a few different colors all at once. That’s not a good look. However, in one color and super bright, these actually look kind of nice. I don’t know that I’d want to see them every night, but as a one-time thing, they’re surprisingly OK.

Rudy Gay — Nike Zoom Huarache 2010

This isn’t a shoe you see very often in the NBA very often, which is unusual since the Huarache series has typically been pretty popular. Nonetheless, in red, it looks good. And when you see it with the Grizzlies blue uniforms, they’re extra special.

Chris Paul — Jordan CPIII.3

One of the joys of being a Jordan Brand athlete is getting lots of great colorways of your signature shoes. Chris Paul’s red and gold makeup of his signature shoe is no different. I’d guess these would be big in China, what with the colors and the Jordans and all that.

The Clippers (Gordon, Griffin, Davis) — adidas adiZero Infiltrate, Nike Zoom Hyperfuse, Li-Ning Doom

Red shoes for the Clippers is pretty easy, considering it’s one of their team colors. And while I’m more apt to give bonus points for non-red teams wearing the World AIDS Day colors, I’ll admit that these all looked pretty great on TV. As far as I’m concerned, the Clips should always wear red.