About a week ago, we all had a chance to “enjoy” Seth MacFarlane’s first tiny YouTube commercial for the Nike LeBron 8. Now, we get our second installment in this somewhat bizarre series.

This time around, we learn that LeBron James gets all of his basketball powers from his shoes and when he takes them off he turns in to a science nerd. That makes sense, because if you’ve seen “Like Mike” and “Like Mike 2: Streetball” then you know that basketball powers are often transferred through sneakers. Classic origin story.

As for the animated short after the commercial — that’s your call. It’s a Seth MacFarlane cartoon about the old saying about glass houses and it’s about as funny as you’d expect as long as you’re not expecting it to be funny at all.

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  1. Anybody remember when Family Guy was awesome? I don’t mean to sound cliche asshole who reminisces how much better a show was when it first started like people do with The Office, It’ Always Sunny…, SImpsons, etc. Really though Family Guy was great pre gay Stewie.

  2. I prefer musical numbers in my family guy, but it is not the worst thing ever.

  3. So Jane Lynch had to get in her Prius, drive an hour in LA traffic to a sound studio, for, what, two lines?

  4. The first, quickly abandoned idea is kind of intriguing. Lebron turns into a scientist, someone who doesn’t receive the money or recognition of an athlete but actually works toward the betterment of society (for the most part), by taking off the shoes. It’s one thing to turn into a scrawny nerd, but it’s quite another to turn into a scientist. There could have been a whole thing about advertising and Nike and our misdirected goals and values.

    Oh wait, he turned into a scientist, because he is the one who invented the shoes. I get it. BARF!

  5. Agreed Trey, that wasn’t that funny. But Family Guy used to be awesome and can still be pretty decent. And American Dad, to me, is one of the funniest shows on tv. Show Seth some love!

  6. The glass house part surlely isn’t one of Seth’s best but his humor is often hit and miss (With more hits – some of the parts in Family Guy and his random short cartoons are absolutely hilarious) I love his absurd sense of comedy, but then again I see why some people find his stuff totally not funny.
    But Trey, man…No offence but you shouldn’t really complain about something not being funny being the guy who tries REALLY REALLY hard to be funny each every time he writes something (to no effect most of the time, but maybe it’s just me). Don’t wanna hate on you but it’s just something to keep in mind.

  7. It’s just you, mac.
    And hit or miss is less of an issue if someone doesn’t spread their already marginal talents razor thin with multiple shows and advertising campaigns. What little quality control their once was has clearly gone out the window.

  8. person, yeah, we obviously have a different sense of humor. And your statement fit perfectly with what I think of Trey Kirby’s work here on the blog.

  9. @ mac: What you think Trey is being is what Family Guy has always been: a show that tries too hard to be funny and isn’t 99% of the time. Family Guy was never funny. It’s a bunch of overexaggerated, random shit put together.

    On a related note, South Park is fantastic. You’re welcome.

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