Sometimes, when you spend a lot of time on the Internet, you come across things that you wish you would have thought of first. The big one for me is “Pooljumpers,” which is hands down my favorite trailer for a fake documentary of my favorite fake sport.

And it’s happened again, this time courtesy of BuzzFeed and their Evolution of Chris Andersen.

Hop over there and scan through their selected 10 pictures, which start with his original long, center-parted hair, rather than that fresh-faced rookie portrait you see up top on the left. It’s incredible to see how tattoos slowly but surely covered his body and that youthful smile faded away, all in the course of nine years. My favorite is this iteration, where he still looks crazy but the ink hasn’t started to creep us his neck.

So good. And definitely worth your eyeballs, even if you might have trouble sleeping for the next few nights.