Sometimes, when you spend a lot of time on the Internet, you come across things that you wish you would have thought of first. The big one for me is “Pooljumpers,” which is hands down my favorite trailer for a fake documentary of my favorite fake sport.

And it’s happened again, this time courtesy of BuzzFeed and their Evolution of Chris Andersen.

Hop over there and scan through their selected 10 pictures, which start with his original long, center-parted hair, rather than that fresh-faced rookie portrait you see up top on the left. It’s incredible to see how tattoos slowly but surely covered his body and that youthful smile faded away, all in the course of nine years. My favorite is this iteration, where he still looks crazy but the ink hasn’t started to creep us his neck.

So good. And definitely worth your eyeballs, even if you might have trouble sleeping for the next few nights.

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  1. Wait, I think I’ve seen this before. Isn’t this “The Faces of Meth”?

  2. it also looks like his nose is going the way of Michael Jackson’s.

  3. Wow, that’s pretty “amazing” (for lack of a better word).

  4. I think the turning point is when he discovered coloured tattoos, thats when things got out of hand.

  5. The sad thing is that Chris can no longer actually turn his head. Pretty soon the inky tendrils will find their way into his central nervous system and he’ll wind up immobile in a dark, deserted room, thinking ‘gimme back my bullets’.

  6. that’s not nice. he’s ugly.

  7. He actually looks better when he slicks his hair back, now he just looks like a chameleon with wings LOL.

  8. He was actually a decent looking guy in that first picture on the evolution link. That awful basketball player tattoo ruined him.

  9. Reminds me of “Sunshine” from Remember the Titans.

  10. Y’know seriously, tats are one thing but it’s an entirely different story when you billboard your devotion to Lynryd Skynryd to such a degree that it’s encroaching on your face. And what about razor burn? Makes me cringe.

  11. wow…that’s one extreme makeover

  12. I like the bird wings, but everything else can go. The tattoos on his hands must have been really painful. Also, I don’t need to be reminded of his bad taste in music every time I see his neck.

  13. He looks like an Ed Hardy shirt.

  14. Very classy. Not sure if anyone one cares but since I’m an English teacher in China I always enjoy looking at the stupid shit people put on their bodies because they think Chinese Characters look cool. The character on his left arm is 好 (hao), which means good. After searching for about ten minutes, I’m fairly certain the one on his right arm isn’t actually a Chinese character. The bottom is the 心 (xin – heart) radical, but I can’t find a character with that radical and the stuff that’s going on up top. its similar to 要 (yao – to want), but clearly not exactly the same.

    I’ve already spent entirely too much time trying to figure this out, so I’m going to leave it at that. Either he trusted his tattoo artist or some other random person to give him something with a certain meaning and they screwed it up, or my Chinese sucks and it actually does mean something. The second character means good, so really he could have been going for just about anything. What do you guys think he was going for? Good drugs? Good high?

  15. Haha, that was an interesting comment Dan.

    Honestly gotta say that he has ruined himself with these tattoos, personally I think he looked acceptable until number 7. It turned disgusting when the ink started to grow onto his neck.

  16. Man fuck all yall he can do whatever the fuck he wants every tatoo on his body was put there for a reason and the whole free bird thing had to do with him coming back to the nba not so much the song.Dont any of yall have something better to do than talk shit about him i bet none of yall sorry fucks would say what u feel to his fuckin face.

  17. [...] it.” Loudly.Not to mention, it’s fun to think of Chris Andersen as a blank canvas. That hasn’t been the case in years. But you can relive those great memories for just $20. Great deal, but hurry up. Tonight might be [...]

  18. Yes, a little bit.

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