Where: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Why: Cavaliers vs. Heat
Concept: “I understand the comedic value of understatement.”

Execution: Oh yeah, this kid gets it. He knows that with all the hyperbolic, over-the-top, hate-filled signs that were sure to fill up the Q, his hastily-scrawled ode to subtlety would stick out. It did. This is the sign that the Internet would make, which is why this is the sign that the Internet loves. Well done, sir.

Rating (out of 10): 9.8

Where: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Why: Cavaliers vs. Heat
Concept: “Justin Bieber is the best dude ever.”

Execution: My personal favorite of all of last night’s signs because it’s just so nonsensical. Justin Bieber has absolutely nothing to do with the Cavaliers, LeBron James or anything, so why not put him on a sign? Or rather, two signs. One isn’t enough to contain that little dancing Canadian.

Rating: 9.5

Where: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Why: Cavaliers vs. Heat
Concept: “Puns!”

Execution: Props for such a well-made sign, exploring all the Heat-based puns anyone could ever ask for. Anti-props for “The cHeat” not being a reference to Homestar Runner. Pat Riley’s head Photoshopped on to that little yellow rascal would have gone a long way.

Rating: 7.6

Where: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Why: Cavaliers vs. Heat
Concept: “Letters gets you on TV.”

Execution: Not only does the use of TNT feel really forced here, the alignment of the whole thing is off. No one abbreviates things by using the last letters in words. Get serious, guy.

Rating: 3.1

Where: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Why: Cavaliers vs. Heat
Concept: “Hey, I saw that one commercial.”

Execution: Playing off LeBron’s “Rise” advertisement is a good move. Drawing a crying stick figure and labeling its tears is not. Plus, not to demean this lady at all, but I can’t imagine that she could beat LeBron James in a fight, unless this picture has some wacky perspective and she’s really 8 feet tall.

Rating: 4.8

Where: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Why: Cavaliers vs. Heat
Concept: “You’re not the man,” “Ye ol’ standby LeBron joke,” and “Hate you so much, LeBron.”

Execution: Credit where credit is due — these three signs are easy to read. If you really want to get under a player’s skin, they have to be able to read your taunts from the court. Big bold letters helps. Howevski, the “take your talents” jokes are played out, LeBron is playing better than Dwyane Wade and Akron doesn’t totally hate LeBron. It’s almost like you can’t trust the crazy people who make signs for basketball games.

Rating: 4.2, 6.0 and 5.8

Comments (17)

  1. I like the “We should have drafted Darko” sign a bit more

  2. Also it’s Wade’s county, not country.

  3. Yeah, the Darko sign was great. No pictures though. A rare miss, Internet.

  4. Did anyone else notice a lot of the signs had advertising stickers on them? Check out the bottom right corner on the signs in the first two pictures for example. I have the feeling a lot of those signs were handed out at the stadium, maybe to replace signs not suitable for TV?

    If anyone was at the game, I’d love to hear what the fan experience was like that night.

  5. Have to disagree with you top pick. The terrible penmanship ruins the sign for me. Block lettering would have been more effective especially had it ended with a frown emoticon. :-(

  6. Best shirt i saw was

    You Can Head South, BUT Your Mom Rides West!

  7. Weird punctuation on that Akron sign. Am, I, right?

  8. Nice shout out to Homestar Runner. I always thought “LeCheat” or “the Miami Cheat” were wide open for that – shame nobody’s made the effort.

  9. The ads on the bottom corner of the signs are because Quaker Steak sponsors sign making stands in the area. They provide a blank sign and markers, you get to make a sign. This isn’t anything new. They’ve been doing that at The Q for a few years now.

  10. @LDR4 – It would have been much better in comic sans, amirite?

  11. Thanks for the input Jerrod! They definitely got a lot of screen time for their investment last night.

  12. You would be smart to grade people’s attempts at insults/humor more often. This post (and Vol 1 from October) is a thing of beauty.

  13. Why the extraneous commas in the third sign?

  14. Twas the night before Quitness when all through house,
    not a creature was cheering, not even a mouse.
    The Banners were hung from the rafters with care,
    even though he vowed, no championships were there.
    The Fans are restless wearing snuggies in bed,
    while visions of The Decision danced in their heads.
    His momma in a jersey, and Mr West in just a cap,
    they had just settled down for a long winter’s nap.
    When Out near the Q there arose such a clatter,
    I ran from the bar to see what was the matter
    When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
    but a minature coach with players who don’t care.
    WIth a bus loaded of athletes both strong and quick,
    I knew it must be the return of that team with LePrick,
    More rapid than Hillis, the fans rushed and they came
    to curse and to call each overpaid diva by name.
    They yelled “Hey Bron, Wade, and Bosh” alas
    do me a favor and kiss my cleveland ass!
    Off stepped the bus, came the divas with swag,
    is it just me, or does Bosh looks like a hooker in drag?
    Then came Wade with a smirk that was merry,
    little did he know this was the team he would carry.
    Then outstepped The Queen through the wind and the snow,
    last time we saw him, he held his elbow.
    But much has changed since then, and bad thoughts now linger,
    but one thing is the same…..no ring on his finger!
    He spoke not a word, and went straight to work,
    silent or not, we now know he’s a jerk.
    Tommorow night from whistle to whistle,
    The boos will rain down like a patriot missle.
    I heard the queen say before ducking out of sight
    “I made a mistake, this is going to be one Hell of a Night”

    Merry Quitness from http://www.KissMyAssLebron.com

  15. The “Akron hates you, too, Lebron” isn’t grammatically incorrect, but I agree that it looks kind of weird. So normally you would have a comma preceding “too,” and you would also have a comma between an addressing clause and its addressee. Take out the “too” and you have “Akron hates you, Lebron.” But when it’s all pieced together it looks weird.

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