Forget UFC 124. Here’s the fight everyone wants to see …

James Dolan vs. Mikhail Prokhorov.

USA vs. Russia. New York vs. New Jersey. This one has the makings of a classic.

Welcome to the Battle of the Boroughs!

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Comments (5)

  1. I think the outcome of this is obvious.

  2. You realize that New Jersey is not a borough of New York City, right?

    In two/three years when it’s the BKLN Nets vs. the Knicks, this moniker would apply.

  3. @Martin: It was done with the fact that they will soon share the same city in mind.

  4. I wish more than ever Dolan had sold the Knicks to the Russian when he was shopping for an NBA franchise.

  5. I’m a knicks fan. And I probably speak for most (if not all) knicks fans everywhere: we conceded this one. =D

    We gladly concede on the grounds that James Dolan doing nothing else but singing the blues is good for the knicks. And that the Nets having a Universal Soldier for an owner is good trade off for them sucking for a few more years =D

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