Ep. 622: Yakety Cats

On today’s snowy show, Skeets and Tas bring you the winners and losers of the NBA weekend. Thumbs up to Bonner boners, the Mavs’ resiliency, and JD’s fourth quarter RTZ beer. Thumbs down to the Hornets’ free-fall, anyone who watched Friday night’s Nets-Cats “Yakety Sax,” and Stu Jackson for having to sort through that Clippers-Blazers madness. All that, plus a B-Ball Picks winner, a Greek embrace, and the sad passing of a Sixers great.

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Comments (19)

  1. Canadians ride the cheese? (2:01)

    You learn something new on TBJ every day.

    Still, Canada remains cool for having a Beer Store truck.

  2. sooooo whats up with us not hearing tas’s quote and skeets’s embrace the day ppl… stupid mics

  3. @Kadir -Part of a new TBJ game called “Choose your own Melas Quote.” Let us know how you think it ends in the comments.

  4. How come the only mentions of the Knicks were that they destroyed New Orleans and destroyed Toronto? They should get some winner love! 9 straight road wins, A’mare goes for 30 + every night, and Shawne (Extra E) Williams is draining 3s left and right after hanging at the end of the bench with Eddy Curry for the first month of the season.

    Still a great show guys! Cheers!

  5. Hey guys, great meeting you at the game on Sunday. Totally made my day after the Raps’ non-performance. Here’s the pic: http://yfrog.com/1f7tl0j

    Agree with Rob that Knicks are starting to look good and Amare continues to put up crazy numbers. However, blowout of Raps I feel was more due to the fact that Raps gave them open corner threes all game long. And the Raps shot terribly from the line.

    Still, Atlantic now has two legit teams.

  6. Spurs will go 72-10

    you read it here first


  7. Choose your own Melas Quote:
    “raptors suck go knicks”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I think Melas said: “Remember folks, when you say something particularly offensive or rude, you don’t get to say anything at all because of censors!”

  9. I was wrong above. Knicks “only” have 7 straight road wins. It’s 9 total for the season. Still pretty impressive.

  10. happened to the end?! Did I just go deaf there?! Help meee!!!

  11. You don’t have Jordan on your team. No team will ever reach 70 wins. EVERRR!!!

  12. Real Greek love is a lot more graphic than what Tas described. I’ve read Sophocles.

  13. I can’t be left in this suspense Matt, what if I see yellow snow? Now I don’t know what to do?!? Help us Tas Melas, you’re our only hope

  14. The knowledge will somehow, someway, come to you one day, my friends.

  15. Amir Johnson, vs OKC on Friday:
    5-5 FG, 4-4 FT, 14pt 9Reb

  16. “They’re just too deep! [...] extremely deep [...]” Love it! And they are!

    @Tas: How deep again?

  17. Totally agree on the Cs not going in to a funk. The one two years ago had a lot to do with KG’s health. The one last year had to do with guys being banged up and not having the depth. This year they have that depth and the stars are looking pretty damn good.

    KG looks phenomenal, and he seems to be on a mission to make everyone pay for any success they had against the Celtics in the past.

    Totally agree…the depth, the guys returning from injury during the time of the traditional swoon, and the fact that they are all being eaten inside by those finals last year (at least they’d better be…..I certainly am) will lead to domination all season long.

    They should rest Rondo more. Nate looks good, and that plantar fascitis is no joke.

  18. Ryen Russillo today announcing that his podcast has been voted #1 NBA podcast in the world!? Where was that survey held? (Douchemenistan?)

  19. Seeing Joel fresh back from double knee rehab and given the injury curse the Blazers have gone through for far too long, I’d call them winners for rallying behind Joel after a flagrant 2 foul! They’ve earned an attitude about careless fouls that endanger teammates!
    Good show!

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