1,000 NBA wins is a lot of wins. Going undefeated every year it’d take a little more than 12 seasons to accumulate that lofty total, More realistically — since teams rarely go undefeated in the NBA these days — at even a very respectable .600 winning percentage, it’d take more than 20 seasons. That’s exactly why the list of NBA coaches with 1,000 wins is like a Who’s Who of great NBA coaches who also happened to play professional basketball.

Now, with his 999th win under his belt, George Karl is ready to join that list, and he’s bringing his zingers with him. From the Denver Post:

“There’s no question, I’m the name that’s going to stick out in that group. ‘Karl? How did he get there? Did they give him a couple hundred wins or something?’ ” the coach quipped. “The six before me are special, special coaches. Some of them are good friends. Someday it’ll be fun maybe when we all get together, yell at each other and talk about it.

“I think I’ve been very lucky, had some good years where my feel and sense for the game maybe had an advantage on other people. But I’ve had too many good players and understand and realize that good players make you a good coach.”

There is humility, there is false humility and then there’s George Karl cracking wise about his unworthiness upon the list of all-time winningest coaches. Very funny, very George Karl thing to say. Makes sense, coming from George Karl and all.

Of course, he’s also a filty rotten liar. Players are worth a lot, but as the Nuggets collapse without Karl last year proved, teams definitely respond to coaching. Not to mention, having the ability to stick in the NBA for 23 seasons is a skill in and of itself. George Karl’s earned it, no doubt about that.

That being said, if him thinking he’s the misfit is going to lead to more jokes, then someone let him know he’s the worst coach ever who’s won a thousand games in his career.