TBJ Top 5, featuring young old foes

Are you guys ready to NBA tonight? I bet you are. Tonight feels like a good night to NBA. Some pretty decent games between good teams and even the bad games are going to be entertaining. Should be a good night.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Chicago Bulls
This was a good game back on opening night. Now that both of these teams have played 20ish games, have their full complement of players and are enjoying the insanely good play of their point guards, it’ll be even better. Only bad part is that this is the last meeting between the two teams.

Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic
I’m not asking for much from this game. Close until the end, some crazy dunks on both sides and, of course, that Zaza Pachulia and Marcin Gortat finally agree on which one of them looks more like a James Bond villain. Here’s hoping they conference in Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

Minnesota Timberwolves at New York Knicks
Call me an optimist, but I’d bet that a game between two of the three fastest-playing teams in the NBA is going to be fun. Certainly doesn’t hurt that neither of them are particularly great defending units. Over/under is 221 and that feels low.

Miami Heat at Milwaukee Bucks
Either Andrew Bogut’s struggles will continue and his 31-18 game against the Magic on Saturday was an aberration or the opposite is true. If he’s good Bogut — “Bogood,” if you will — that’s Bad News Bears for the Heat.

Memphis Grizzlies at Utah Jazz
Craig Smith is totally bummed out that he’s not invited to the burly power forwards meal that these two teams are hosting after tonight’s game. Since it’s in Utah, Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap are getting together to make their famous gnocchi for Zach Randolph. He loves alfredo sauce.