Things that are good about this video:

  • That it’s basically one minute of the Timberwolves saying “coats” over and over. Very Andy Warhol-y.
  • That it features Nikola Pekovic saying what he purports to be “coat” in his native language, even though it could very well be another word, such as “turnip.”
  • That behind every one of these player vignettes there is longform footage of them saying “coats” again and again. Witnessing the filming of this would have been hilarious.
  • That it’s for a good cause because Minnesota gets very, very cold in the winter and people need coats.

Things that are not good about this video:

  • That we haven’t seen the director’s cut with extended “coats” talk from all the players.
  • Michael Beasley’s hair.

(via Canis Hoopus)

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  1. Well, at least “Jacke” means Coat in German, so hopefully its the same in Serbian (which should be his language) :-) glad i could help you telling you things you don’t really wanna know.

    Two other things coming into my head were that Tolliver has the coolest scene while Beasley looks like he’s born for the soundtrack.

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