Things that are good about this video:

  • That it’s basically one minute of the Timberwolves saying “coats” over and over. Very Andy Warhol-y.
  • That it features Nikola Pekovic saying what he purports to be “coat” in his native language, even though it could very well be another word, such as “turnip.”
  • That behind every one of these player vignettes there is longform footage of them saying “coats” again and again. Witnessing the filming of this would have been hilarious.
  • That it’s for a good cause because Minnesota gets very, very cold in the winter and people need coats.

Things that are not good about this video:

  • That we haven’t seen the director’s cut with extended “coats” talk from all the players.
  • Michael Beasley’s hair.

(via Canis Hoopus)