Ep. 623: Fresh Obsessed

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas have all the info you need to sound proficient in the NBA arts. (Not!) Why did Brooks sit Durant and Green for most of the 3rd Q? Is Carlos Boozer back (and better than Bosh)? How did Jason Collins neutralize Dwight Howard? All that, plus underappreciated storylines of the season: Dirk’s hot shooting, Roy’s sad decline, and Kevin Love’s big stats. Wanna do it again?

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Comments (20)

  1. skeeters, never call derrick rose a great defensive player. he is maybe a “good” defensive player at this point, but let’s keep in mind that he’s been criticized heavily over the last couple years for being a sieve.

  2. I have to wonder why the thunder never picked up Erick Dampier? They need a low post presence and while he doesn’t score the defensive and veteran presence sure would have helped

  3. How about the Nugs? I knew you guys gave them some love last episode with George Karl about to hit his 1000th win, but they’ve been playing some good ball this year. Notable wins against Dallas, LA and Chicago, the way they’ve started must be a good sign after the whole Melo debacle. Glad to see them still gettin W’s. Happy start in Denver!

  4. Well my underappreciated storyline of the season would have to be the complete collapse of Brook Lopez’s game, he was supposed to be one of those up and coming centers who is now shooting 43% down from 50% and has worse defensive rebounding % than Bargnani and bairly better rebounding numbers despite having humpries rather then reggie evans/amir next to him. Oh and nazr mohammed schooled him in that nets-cats game…yep….not good when that happens.

    I like how you guys mentioned Boozer fitting with the bulls and Deng in his new role. Do you guys think that they could be better then the heat over the next few years what with Noah and Rose having such a large advantage over the heats pg’s and centers.

  5. Well my underappreciated storyline of the year so far, would maybe be the New York Knicks.They haven’t been above .500 at this point in the season for at least 8 years and now are looking like a solid team in the East. They are looking like a great road team and finally have something going on offense.

    Amare is playing well in NY and things are clicking for them. I can see the Knicks making a push for the 4th or 5th spot in the East this year if they can get one more piece of the puzzle before the trade deadline.

  6. I figured out why I love this show; it’s the under the breath comments that would never be transcribed if you did that sort of thing (e.g. “Fresh fish confetti”). The most underrated story of the year is the rise of kd35sneighbor, and superstars like Durant and Kevin Love using new media to show that they’re basically just regular guys. Dampier stinks.

  7. In Atlanta we get a cup of coffee from AM/PM for the 100 point win. As such no one boos when they stop short. Maybe the problem is that the Big Mac is just so desirable.

  8. Great show today guys. I watched that Bulls game and agree with Skeets 100%. The Bulls play hard all night, beat a very good team and what do they get at the end? Boos? R u effin kiddin me? I can’t believe it happened in Chicago, a city with fans who were starving for years to get back to winning. Not classy at all.

    TBJ, can we look forward to a Quarterly Report?

  9. I think you guys made great points concerning the overlooked stories, I mean Portland was supposed to be right there with the big teams in the western conference and since Roys problems appeared they’re basically playing like crap (hurts me to say cause I’ve always been a fan since Roy arrived there). Also I think the Nowitzki-point is a great one and I think his defense this year is really overlooked, just how he moves his feet and gets under guys skins, u should focus on that the next time you’re watching a mavericks-game ;-)

    also have to give gazelle credit right there: Rose is far from being a great defender, especially looking at stats and the games some PGs had against him this year… but maybe it’ll pick up a bit if he doesn’t have to carry all the load on the offense, he’s right there body-and energy-wise I think.

    At the end I just wanna say that I’d like to hear you guys talk about the nuggets and the melo-situation a bit more, haven’t heard any for quite a long time.

  10. Anyone know if the opening and end musical snippets on the Basketball Jones, are theme tunes, or actual songs? If they are actual songs, any idea where I can get them.They’re an interesting form of song virus. And everyday after listening to the show, they haunt me. Any help would be much appreciated.

  11. The emergence of Darko Milicic has not been talked about enough. Dude is averaging 9 points and 6 rebounds and also leads the league in blocks. I’m starting to see why he was chosen over Melo, Bosh and DWade.

  12. I don’t know about the year, but for today it has to George Karl and his return from cancer. Tonight his Nuggets are going for his 1000th career win in Charlotte against the Bobcats.

    Good Luck GK.

  13. You guys brought up some good points so far. I would say: what about Manu? That guy has been a beast right now and is really helping the Spurs do well.

  14. Tough to call Roy “undoubtedly a hall of fame lock”. First of all, even if he stays healthy, I don’t think that’s a guarantee. Second of all, part of why it’s so hard to get in the hall of fame is that most guys aren’t durable enough. That seems like a stretch.

    How about the resurgence of KG as underappreciated. Watch him, he looks as good as he did in 2008. You guys talk about the Celtics a lot, but mostly Rondo. KG has been a beast, and Shaq is looking quite good as well.

  15. Good points by Anthony and Nick L.

    First it was supposed to be the year of the youngsters (Thunder) or the superfriends (Heat) and the like. And then it seems like the “old” teams are not finished yet :-)

    KG sure looks like he wants to prove wrong all the “he can’t jump anymore” and other comments from last year. And the ball movement of the Celtics and Spurs is so nice…

  16. Good point about Brook Lopez’ game just completely deteriorating.

    Speaking of deteriorating, it’s fun to watch Tas have some kind of meltdown on the show.

  17. Negative underappreciated storyline:
    The Blazers and Bucks being decimated by injuries. It had happened to the Blazers in previous years, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel any more because Oden and Roy obviously have career threatening problems.

    Positive underappreciated storyline:
    Blake Griffin and his comeback from injury… I was worried he might have an Oden-like career, but (touch wood) he has recovered magnificently.

  18. Underappreciated storylines: old teams getting it done. Spurs and Celtics with the best records in the league is something I didn’t expect (Spurs esp). Mavs, Nowitzki, yes. I like their offense a lot better this year. Not just giving Dirk the Ball and step aside but run a lot of screens to get guys open.

    @Tas: I actually had Kevin Love on top of my list for MIP, along with Westbrook and Beasley. Who do you see in front of him, except Hibbert maybe?

  19. Tas’ random burst at the end actually made me laugh out loud.

  20. +1 on Dirk! Unappreciated in Europe, too. It’s a shame. More hype.

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