You’d think a 27-year-old man would react better to being told a secret that every 10-year-old already knows, but Ronny Turiaf isn’t exactly known for his calm reactions. Oh well.

Just don’t say anything about the Tooth Fairy, OK? One crushed dream is enough for today.

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  1. Kerby, this is your best work yet. Keep ‘em coming.

  2. Next on Trey’s “Grinch List”: Break the news to Amare about Hanukkah Harry.

  3. RONNY IT’S OKAY BABY. We can work things out

  4. Was that Wilbur the cats viral debut?

  5. HAAAAAAA!!!! Hilarious! Nice, Trey!

  6. Wilbur the cat, that little scamp.

  7. reminds me of this classic Ronny Turiaf moment:

  8. haha. awesome…but didn’t we all agree it’s pronounced, Row-nee? What it’s like…..havin a Roni

  9. Trey’s neard is hardcore.

  10. [...] who turned in to a baby at the stroke of midnight as the year changed from 2010 to 2011. Judging by his Santa Claus response, it’s safe to assume he’d be a bit upset about having another illusion shattered. [...]

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