TBJ Top 5, featuring bad blood

If you thought last night’s games were uneventful, just wait until you see tonight’s schedule. Nothing that really stands out. Nothing pitting two very good teams against each other. Nothing, even, that has two winning teams playing each other.

Oh, well. Something’s better than nothing, even if that something isn’t anything. Deep.

Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks
Long gone are the days when the Dallas Mavericks ran the court like, well, the Golden State Warriors. But, given the fact that the Dubs aren’t a defensive juggernaut, the Mavs should be able to go point-for-point with the league’s second fastest team. At the very least, this should be exciting.

Phoenix Suns at Portland Trail Blazers
This game would have been a lot cooler a seven months ago. That’s not hipster basketball talk, it’s just the truth. No Amar’e and a broken-down Brandon Roy mean this game is a lot less intriguing. Nonetheless, it should still be pretty good.

Washington Wizards at Los Angeles Lakers
Derek Fisher is going to have to try to stop John Wall while Kobe deals with Gilbert Arenas, who once hung 60 on him. Odds are this ends up being a Lake Show blowout, but there’s a chance those Wizards guards could do something special.

Detroit Pistons at Houston Rockets
Both of these teams give up way more points per possession than they score. Normally, that’s bad. But when you’re looking for a fun times game in December, it’ll work. Oh, it’ll work.

Denver Nuggets at Charlotte Bobcats
If the Nuggets win their seventh straight game, that’ll be the big 1,000 for George Karl. If the Bobcats win their first straight game, that’ll be 1,097 for Larry Brown. No offense to Charlotte fans, but people like round numbers. Go Nuggets.