Atlanta Hawks 80, Orlando Magic 74
Apparently the downgrade from Jameer Nelson to Chris Duhon is so great that the Magic can’t even score 75 points when the Raccoon is on the bench. That makes sense, I suppose, since this is Chris Duhon we’re talking about. He’s not exactly Magic Johnson off the bench, if you catch my drift.

Indiana Pacers 124, Toronto Raptors 100
Two straight very bad losses for the Raptors, who dropped to 8-13. Normally, this would mean that Jay Triano is on the hot seat, but we’ve been saying that for three weeks. Maybe another blowout loss does the job or maybe he’s going to coach the Raptors forever, like a bizarro Jerry Sloan.

New York Knicks 121, Minnesota Timberwolves 114
That’s five straight wins for the Knicks, who suddenly look very good. Sure, they’re beating up on bad teams and have only two victories against teams with winning records, but wins against the dregs of the NBA count just as much as good wins. Just don’t put on your comically oversized hat and tell a crowd of reporters that the Knicks are back, just yet.

Chicago Bulls 99, Oklahoma City Thunder 90
The Bulls currently have a better record both on the road and against the Western Conference. That tells me that if they can somehow find a way to get the eighth seed in the conference that they don’t play in, they’ll win the championship. Figure it out, Stern.

Miami Heat 88, Milwaukee Bucks 78
Five straight wins for the Heat including this snoozer against the Bucks. Call me crazy but 88-78 Miami is something that could have happened without all that free agent nonsense from this summer. Wake me up when the Heat are exciting again.

Utah Jazz 94, Memphis Grizzlies 88
Xavier Henry and Raja Bell might be the two worst starting guards in the NBA, so it’s pretty cool that they got to play against each other. You don’t often get to see that kind of ineptitude go head-to-head.

Los Angeles Clippers 98, Sacramento Kings 91
It’s kind of awesome that 13 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 blocks and a steal is now considered a bad game for Blake Griffin. It’s also kind of awesome that he hasn’t cut his hair even though it looks like that.

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  1. “He’s not exactly Magic Johnson off the bench, if you catch my drift.”

    That’s the best description I’ve ever read of Chris Duhon AND the funniest thing I’ve read this morning!

  2. C’mon Trey, you work with Torontonians, you should know that the recent stretch Triano had is enough to take him off the hot seat for at least a couple of weeks

  3. Yeah, the four wins was nice. But they’ve been bad every other time but then. It’s just confusing.

  4. greg oden still looks older though

  5. That line about Blake Griffin is true; right now he’s fantasy gold.

  6. Hate hearing about how bad the Raps! Not because I think they’re any good, but because their ineptitude reminds of cash missed out on.

    I was in Vegas the weekend before Thanksgiving and needed the Raps to fall to the Celtics (I didn’t even lay the 5.5!) at home to complete a good-sized parlay.

    The final score? 102-101, Raptors. That was the last time the Celtics lost.

  7. Xavier Henry and Raja Bell might be the two worst starting guards in the NBA,

    *cough*Keith Bogans*cough*

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