“I don’t know if you guys have been paying attention, but I guess French guys don’t like Golden State,” said the 7-foot [Alexis] Ajinca, who is from San Etienne. “Last year, Roddy got 40 points on them and tonight, the other French guys did pretty good. That’s kind of funny.” Alexis Ajinca, voicing his home country’s disdain for the Golden State Warriors

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  1. I’m no polyglot, but I did do high school in Ontario (grade 13 for the win) . . . should it not be ‘nous’, since they are both saying it?

  2. They are saying it independently? I don’t know. I don’t speak French, I speak Google Translate.

  3. If they are saying it independently, “Je vous hais” is right!

    I’m from France!

  4. Maybe they just feel comfortable against another group not known for defense.

  5. fstevy is cool in my book.

  6. I confirm the good spelling. I’m from Belgium but we also speek french :-p

    What is strange is the “San Etienne”. In french it’s spelled “Saint Etienne” and correct me if I’m wrong, “San” is a spanish word, isn’t it ?

  7. Golden State could use Ekpe Udoh (their injured 6’10 rookie from Baylor) back very, very badly. When Biedrins is out, their front-line is David Lee and Lou Amundson with a little bit of Dan Gadzuric. To be polite, that is a laughable way to try and win basketball games, especially with a defensive sieve like Steph Curry playing in front of them.

    If you didn’t let them dunk or shoot lay-ups directly under the basket, Ajinca and Ian Mahinmi couldn’t score 100 points if you locked them in an empty gym all night. And the Warriors made those guys look like Dwight Howard last night!

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