Ep. 624: No Worries, Mate

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas — well, mostly just Tas — chime in on Wednesday’s NBA action. Topics include: the Mavericks’ two “Eiffel Towers,” Jason Terry’s fourth quarter mojo, Dorell Wright’s improved play, WWWD (What Would Wesley Do?), that questionable offensive call on Channing Frye’s late dunk, adidas’ poor jersey quality, Torpedo ‘Dre, and three of your new NBA doodles. Cheers.

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Comments (28)

  1. “questionable offensive call on Channing Frye’s late dunk” ?

    um, no


    Channing has seen Batum block plenty of dunks at the rim, he saw him coming and decided he needed to make some extra space.

  2. I think the “mini-player” you’re looking for already exists. Shaq + Nate Robinson.

  3. I like how in your Heat doodle Lebron and Dwayne are holding hands. It’s almost like they are little Chris Bosh’s parents!

  4. Looked like Baron Davis’ “legendary” dunk over AK.

  5. Bargniani dunking on Godzilla lol! That’s random

  6. Westbrook/Durant had 46+ combined last year and are at 50 right now

  7. The Idaho Stampede’s Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce combined for over 48 per game in 01-02

  8. The obvious answer for player who should have a mini puppet version is Ron Artest. Mostly because I imagine that he has a mini Artest on hi shoulder telling him what to do at all times. Also, Pierce/Walker and Durant/Westbrook are not backcourt pairings like Curry/Ellis and Jordan/Paxson.

  9. the best australian? patric miles? andrew Bugot?

  10. @Hank – I’m talking backcourts, man. As much as KD plays like a 2, can’t call him that.

  11. Durant is in the frontcourt (SF)… Backcourt = PG+SG. Get your facts straight, people. I semi-share your affinity w/ Wes Matthews, Tas. Whenever I’m on 2K11 piclaying NBA Today matchups, I usu. pick the Blazers =P

  12. I meant playing =P

  13. Can you fix your content feed again so that I can download this and watch it at work?

  14. Title could have been “No worries, Nate” (McMillan).

  15. Skeets, ya gotta see that replay of Frye over Batum. I think I can objectively say it was clearly an offensive foul. Batum called it immediately and Frye turned around without even a thought of objecting–he knew it was an offensive foul, too.

    ‘Dre for wanker of the week? Or McHale? Dre took several pretty solid shots from Blake, actually, not just little forearms. ‘Dre got suspended, as he should. And ‘Dre didn’t run 94 feet to line up Blake. He had been standing under the basket and took 2-3 steps.

    Well shit, there goes my claims of objectivity on the Frye call.

    Anyway, go Patty Mills.

  16. How about the Tim Hardaway & Mitch Richmond back court?

  17. Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier & Earl ‘the Pearl’ Monroe. Two Hall of Famers, One NBA championship. One of my favorites to watch. Black Jesus had a silky-smooth style that is impossible to duplicate and Clyde turned steals into an art form.

  18. Mark,

    I thought the same thing as I was watching, so I looked it up. Those tow averaged a combined 46.8 in ’90-’91. The next year, Mitch went to the Kings…

  19. “those two”…

  20. why was lebitch the only one of the supergoofs to have hands in the doodle?? anyone else notice that?

  21. halfway through vince carters last season with the nets, devin harris was averaging 26 and vince was averaging 23 or so, which is 49. They ended at about 43 or 44 I believe, but similar situation to monta and curry

  22. Kobe and smush parker, int he season where kobe averaged 35+ a night and i think smush put in about 11+ for about 46 or 47 combined a night.

  23. I feel like the world would be a much better place if there was a “Lil’ Ron-Ron” puppet out there, making commercials and what not.

  24. @ Johnny

    In 2006 Kobe averaged 35.5 and Smush averaged 11.5 to combine for 47ppg. Pretty damn close to the magical five-o

  25. Jordan and Paxson in 86/87 – 48.4 points

    Think that’s the record. The Hardaway – Richmond backcourt was probably the most balanced contender, but only managed about 47 combined at their peak.

  26. patty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too small to be a starter in the league, but i reckon he can be a good backup if given the chance…

  27. What’s the name of the theme song at the beginning, does anyone know it?

  28. theme song is meligrove band – ‘bones attack’

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