Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks recently revealed that he’s resorted to sign language in an attempt to get James Harden to shoot the ball. Turns out that’s not the only signal he’s been using. Here’s a breakdown of his go-to moves…

What it means: “Turn on ‘Jersey Shore.’”
What you should do: Either turn on “Jersey Shore,” or foul one of your opponents, preferably with a closed fist. Often used in late game situations or during sweeps week.

What it means: “He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.”
What you should do: Invade Russia. Alternately, attempt to penetrate the lane, even if there’s a really good shot blocker lurking down there. Everything will work out fine. Trust him.

What it means: “I am starring in a cheesy infomercial.”
What you should do: Get to the nearest phone and dial 888-4-SCOTTY within the next 10 minutes. Doing so will result in not just extra playing time, but he’ll even throw in two set plays in the second half of an upcoming Thunder game.

What it means: “I throw my hands up in the air sometime, saying aayyyyyy-oh.”
What you should do: Turn up the Taio Cruz because it’s so much fun to sing along to this song.

What it means: “¡Olé!
What you should do: Get out of the way because there is a bloodthirsty bull charging at your midsection. Essentially used as a way to clear out one side for Kevin Durant to go one-on-one.

What it means: “Everyone relax, Liam Neeson’s here.”
What you should do: Save your daughter who has been kidnapped by Albanian slave traders. In basketball terms, play better help defense.

What it means: “Freeze.”
What you should do: Don’t move.