On today’s show, Skeets and Tas are hyped after a night of game-winners and buzzer-beaters. On tap: the Pacers-Bucks’ wild ending sparks a TBJ debate, an injured Rondo still has a huge game, and the Miami Heat ARE BACK, BABY! (Um, for the first time). All that, plus an announcer high on Flintstone’s vitamins, Godzilla vs. Bargnani doodle wars, and Tas visits an NHL legend’s cottage.

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Comments (9)

  1. A Smush Parker reference…completely forgot that guy had 1 relevant season in the NBA, also kinda shocked that no one gave him a legit look after his little stint in Miami…something to ponder I guess

  2. Lucky Bargnani! I think Godzilla’s revenge could’ve been worse though he probably didn’t want to risk a suspension for eating an opposing player.

  3. Kobe-Smush, one of the most lopsided backcourts in history. lol.

  4. imagine if there was a rose and korver backcourt.. just puttn that out there thibs

  5. I’m glad to see the Heat playing well because, first, who doesn’t want to see a _competitive_ 7 game Boston-Miami ECF? Imagine how badly LeBron (and to a lesser extent Wade) want to beat the Celtics. I would expect both teams to play with an extremely high level of intensity. And a finals series with Kobe, LeBron and Wade should be pretty entertaining (though I’d probably rather see LA vs. Boston). Second, the hate directed at LeBron is so over the top, it’s made me root for him.

  6. If the Heat really has figured it out (as you said “Hey! We can outrun anyone!”, but I would add “Hey! We have a SF and a SG who are kinda the best rebounders at their position”), they are scary.

    But yeah, Damp helps.

  7. Whats in your cup tas?

  8. “Yabba-dabba-doo!”
    - William Shakespeare

  9. Rondo should absolutely be sitting in my opinion. They have guys that can handle the ball. Nate plays great when he spells him. He played 47 minutes against the Sixers….makes no sense. It was an exciting come-from-behind win, but it was also a loss that the team could have absorbed without any trouble (and a game that they should have won without rondo if other guys played better).

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