Exhibit A — Raymond Felton’s step-back, five bounce three-pointer
When considering this shot for most improbably game-winner of the night, please consider that Felton is just a .322 career three-point shooter. Also consider that this shot came off a wild spin move/step back combo move that New York hasn’t seen since the halcyon days of Stephon Marbury and/or when the arcade down the street still had the “Virtua Fighter 3″ stand-up.

Exhibit B — Andrew Bogut’s flying tip-in
The degree of difficulty on this play is pretty incredible. Not only did Andrew Bogut have to jump over a 6-foot-11 guy and tip the ball in without even catching it, he had to do so on a pass from Luc Richard Mbah a Moute who has averaged 1.1 assists per game for his career. Not exactly the kind of trigger man usually behind these kinds of plays.


Exhibit C — Derek Fisher’s super-high layup
Derek Fisher buzzer beaters aren’t a new phenomenon. Clutch play is basically the reason he’s still in the league. However, for the life of me, I can’t remember any of his dramatic game-enders coming from anywhere inside the three-point line, let alone off of a hesitation step and drive maneuver.


These are all pretty awesome and it’s amazing they all happened on the same night. Throw in Rudy Gay’s overtime-forcing — but not technically “game-winning” — three against the Suns and last night was even more excellent. Really fun night.

Were I voting, I’d probably choose Fisher’s as the most unlikely, Bogut’s as the toughest and Felton’s as the most amazing. But I’d also be willing to accept cases for any of the other shots. In fact, I think you should do just that in the comments below. Let’s hear your favorites.

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  1. Bogut’s buzzer beater wins, hands down. Mainly just cuz I love watching lobs leading to tip-ins =)

    Kudos to Fisher though, ball left his hand with 0.2 seconds left. NBA – truly where amazing happens.

  2. pretty sure this was inside the 3 point line…


  3. Last night was a great night for the NBA! This is not even counting the incredible Rudy Gay 3 pointer to put the Mem-Phx game into overtime. And btw, how can you not at least make Fisher take one dribble to the side on that drive. I like this young clipps team, but they were seriously duped on that last play.

  4. Few things…

    1) Jose Calderon got burnt on that spin move
    2) Great pass from Luc Richard Mbah A Moute
    3) Clips did everything they could to lose that game, but that DeAndre Jordan dunk was grimey

    Given all circumstances, I’ll give most improbable to Felton, strictly because of the degree of unnecessary difficulty (8.7 from the Spanish judge, *ahem* Jose *cough*…)

  5. rose v rockets for the simple reason that he’s never hit a game winning (tying) shot before


  6. Well – the one against Boston last year was also a drive to the basket, and then getting malled by I think KG, Big Baby and I forgot who else…

    The Bogut one was the coolest I think and mainly because of the accuracy of the inbound pass.

    This play reminded me of a Charles Barkley comment on a Brandod Roy buzzerbeater against the Rockets – about how inbound plays like these should never happen at all – simply cuz u got 5 defenders and 4 offensive players. You just put two on the main threat and that’s it. I have no idea why teams place a defender right in front of the player that inbounds… when was the last time you saw that exact defender get a hand on the ball?!

  7. Fisher’s layup was easily the least impressive of the three. The win has to go to Exhibit B, not for the Bogut tip, but for the absolutely perfect pass from Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. He may not rack up assists, but big men usually throw good Oops because they know right where to put the ball.

  8. Jaymacka, did you notice how Jordan’s block attempt came up probably half an inch away from being a game saving block? Just an amazing play that could have easly gone both ways :)

  9. @Stefan, I actually thought he was gonna get there in time…He timed it so well, I thought Fish was getting sent to the 3rd row for sure lol

  10. The best thing about the Fisher game winner is that the Clipper guy was .1 inches away from blocking it

  11. Rudy Fernández, when he was playing in DKV Joventut (Spain) made that Bogut one…but with 0.1 left…


  12. felton’s was the most improbable. a mediocre three point shooter launching off a dribble spin move and then getting four bounces on the rim? pft. getting your really tall guy to tip in a lob seems a lot more likely, and at this point you just can’t doubt fish’s ability to nail big shots

  13. Guys, read the game recap — Jordan said he actually touched the ball with his fingernails.

  14. Excuse me, he said fingertips.

  15. I agree the most improbable one is the Felton one, it just looks lucky. The Fisher lay up is tough but I kind of expect that from a guy with his resume. The Bogut one is clearly the most impressive due to the perfect pass, timing, etc.

    >> Stefan Vasilev wrote :
    “when was the last time you saw that exact defender get a hand on the ball?!”

    hmmm, in the 2009 Western Conference Finals against the Nuggets, remember Trevor Ariza’s steal ? Ok, he wasn’t the guy in front but Lamar Odom made it so difficult to inbound the steal was made possible.

  16. Fish’s was the most improbable, Felton’s the most amazing/dramatic, and as for the Bogut lob….. the most inducing of head-shaking. You can’t give up a lob with 0.6 seconds left on the clock. It’s the only chance the other team has and you give it to them? Despicable.

  17. Fisher’s was the best – he had to deal with the rapidly decreasing time, the 12′ high shot-blocking fingers of an airborne DeAndre Jordan, and Kobe’s death stare (which was particularly deadly due to build up from Artest’s inability to give it back to Kobe last time they lost at the buzzer).

    But I liked Bogut’s reaction and Felton and the Knicks were so lucky that thing bounced so much as they would’ve given Toronto a real shot at tying it up had the thing just swished through.

  18. Does anyone else see Calderon very nearly steal that ball from Felton? Watch the second angle on the replay. Felton nearly coughs it up.

  19. Forget the baskets. I’m impressed with how well the official running the clock nailed Bogut’s tip.

  20. The more I look at it the more I get to thinking that DeAndre messed up :/ In my head he thought that a teardrop was coming so he gathered as much as he could for that block. And THAT is what made him late for the ball being at its highest point when he actually got the swing. I think he was better coming over sooner and just getting in front of Fish with his frame… Plus it is not like there was time for a pass or an alleyoop to Gasol, why cover him then? I dunno, great drive by Fisher, but I think DeAndre could have played this better :)

  21. fisher is still a scrub

  22. A scrub with 5 rings baby!!

  23. I didn’t notice before, but it seems like Fisher travelled.

  24. [...] of edges in my book, but there’s really no wrong choice. Both shots are amazing. Another classic Wednesday.Let’s hear your favesy in the comments. No Comments Previous post Wha’ Happened?: [...]

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