Boston Celtics 105, Denver Nuggets 89
No offense to these bros who are definitely in the top one percent of basketball players around the world and probably are planning on buying their families very nice Christmas presents, but the Nuggets started Gary Forbes and Shelden Williams against the top team in the Eastern Conference. That might be why they were down by 14 after one quarter.

Chicago Bulls 88, Cleveland Cavaliers 83
It would be pretty impressive that Keith Bogans was outplayed by two separate Chicago Bulls shooting guards if it didn’t happen most other nights. Let’s hope this experiment is just about over.

New York Knicks 113, Toronto Raptors 110
I am fine with the Knicks and Raptors playing each other every three days if the games end up this fun, even if the game’s ending — a 40-foot step-back Andrea Bargnani three-pointer that was the result of a poorly-executed inbounds play — wasn’t that fun. I’ll gladly take 41 points from Bargnani and 34 from Amar’e Stoudemire. Pretty fun, actually.

New Orleans Hornets 93, Detroit Pistons 74
The Pistons have failed to score at least 85 points in nearly a third of their games, which makes sense. It’s not like they spent $90 million on two players whose main skill is scoring or anything like that.

Milwaukee Bucks 97, Indiana Pacers 95
Well, Indiana, that’s what you get for putting Jeff Foster on Andrew Bogut when the last play of the game was obviously going to be a lob to the rim. You’d think Jim O’Brien would realize all that hair gel would weigh him down.

Oklahoma City Thunder 111, Minnesota Timberwolves 103
Kevin Love had his fifth 20-20 game of the season and Kevin Durant turned in his eighth 30 point outing. Probably the best night for Kevins since Kevin Arnold ended up in that barn with Winnie Cooper.

San Antonio Spurs 111, Golden State Warriors 94
Outside of Stephen Curry’s sprained ankle, Monta Ellis’ 7-24 shooting performance and the fact that they lost by 17 when Tim Duncan only played 18 minutes, pretty nice night for the Warriors. They did hold the Spurs’ big three to 39 points, after all.

Miami Heat 111, Utah Jazz 98
Six straight wins for the Heat, the last three of which have come against playoff teams from last season. Looking at their schedule and the way they’ve been playing, they could easily pull off another six straight and maybe even stretch that streak all the way to 14 before they meet the Lakers on Christmas.

Memphis Grizzlies 104, Phoenix Suns 98 OT
The last time the Suns played an overtime game and didn’t score 100 points was in March of 2009. Before that, November of 2008. And before that, March of 2004. Pretty rare occurence, but a very good indication of how out of sorts Phoenix’s offense has been of late.

Sacramento Kings 116, Washington Wizards 91
No John Wall and Tyreke Evans scored all of eight points. So, this was the Kirk Hinrich vs. Jason Thompson Show, which is what everyone was hoping for, I’m sure.

Los Angeles Lakers 87, Los Angeles Clippers 86
Really, the Lakers? You beat the Clippers on a buzzer-beating layup by Derek Fisher? Real impressive.