Due to chapped lips, we can’t show you our entire 22-minute television program from Thursday night. But what we can show you is this slap-chopped, jump-cuttin’ remix that features our Q1 Quarterly Report (starts at the 1:28 mark) where Skeets and Tas tell you which team’s stock is overvalued, which team you should invest in now, and which NBA players are Blue Chippers. Also included: Wanker of the Week (7:30), a “Mad Money”-like lightning round (4:22), and lots of LOUD NOISES!

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Comments (12)

  1. Everyone needs to watch Melas ~5:08 mark.


  2. Great camera work and acting with the b…b…b…booya show! Very entertaining.

    Wanker of the week for a foul? If you want to call it a “hard” foul then call your girlfriend so she can back you up. Blake wasn’t even in the air.

    What is another name for a cat?

  3. @vesper- it wasn’t a foul. what griffin did may have been a foul. what miller did was not a basketball foul, but intent to harm another player. big difference.

  4. Hey, so I have to comment on your Wanker of the Week segment. Yeah, Andre Miller was out of line, but his suspension was uncalled for.

    Remember Derek Fishers flagrant in the 2008-2009 Finals?

    A ejection worthy foul, like Miller’s, but no suspension.

    Anyone who watched the Clippers/Blazers game can speak to the fact that Griffin was getting the all-star treatment. If you touched him anywhere near the basket, a foul was going to be called. It was ridiculous. I know super-stars get special treatment in this league and there is no changing that, but there is a difference between special treatment and a bias.

    At least Andre’s foul provided some justification for a rookie getting the an absurd amount of calls in his favor.

  5. I completely agree with Alex Lee. This was an ejection foul, not a suspension foul. Andre had an nba record at stake and Blake Griffin is a rookie. Griffin was not looked at by trainers, limping off the court, not even a scratch. If he had hurt the guy, it’s a different story. If John Stockton ran downcourt and flattened Charles Barkley back in the day. Barkley would’ve grinned at him and asked, “Is that all you got?” This was not a clothesline, not a tackle at the knees. Not a Reggie Miller kick in the nuts or a Karl Malone elbow to the adams apple. It was a shoving match, no blood drawn. Play ball rookie. Woof!

  6. Hey kittens, I just watched Andre Miller’s ‘push’ on youtube and I have to agree with him: he should have pushed him harder! From the looks of it, Blake Griffin barely even felt that shove. I think he actually flopped trying to get him ejected or something.

    Totally fair retaliation from the veteran. Push me once, shame on you; push me twice, I shove you to the ground. Come on guys, you never sucker-shoved a friend before? No one gets injured from something like that!

  7. Did I see Raef LaFrentz’s name in the crawl? Please, tell me that I am seeing things.

  8. I’m with Tas here….I’ve watched it several times again, and I don’t think they can allow that to happen in the game……what Blake did happens ALL THE TIME

    He could have been hurt, and you absolutely cannot allow guys to just truck other dudes totally out of the context of the play like that……it ended up ok because it was andre miller doing it to blake griffin……what if it was blake griffin doing it to nate robinson? The rule needs to be consistent regardless of the sizes or the outcomes.

  9. @Alex Lee: I don’t think Griffin is getting “an absurd amount of calls in his favor”. Besides that I’m with you, the Fisher foul was harder imo.

    And to all who say “Oh, Griffin could get hurt again…”: The refs won’t make their calls considering the history of injuries the fouled player has.

  10. btw: CRAZY show, guys :D

  11. clearly, looking at the second push, Griffin was starting with Miller. It’s a two handed push to the back. I don’t think miller’s response was unwarranted.


  12. But all of this has to happen within the context of the basketball game. Griffin is doing it under the hoop with a rebound coming. What Miller did had nothing to do with basketball. He just lined Griffin up and blindsided him. It’s not safe.

    I’m telling you, they have to treat Miller harshly. Otherwise, there is a horrible precedent set. What happens if Rajon Rondo (or another smaller dude who spends a lot of time in the paint) pushes dwight howard in the back while everyone’s going for a rebound because he knows he won’t get called for it…………..and then when they come back down the floor Howard lines him up and blindsides him like that with a full head of steam……Rondo might have to be taken out on a stretcher. In this case, Blake Griffin just happens to be built to absorb hits like that.

    THe fact that Griffin was pushing him does not matter. That little chippy shit happens all the time. You need to keep your cool, and understand how to play that game within the context of basketball.

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