With 6.6 seconds left in last night’s game the Philadelphia 76ers were the happiest team on Earth because their best player had put the team on his back, dude. Andre Iguodala’s incredible, impossible layup over one of the best defenders of the past 15 years had earned him the right to gleefully grimace as much as he wanted. All was good in Philadelphia.

Then they had to play defense…

With 1.4 seconds left in last night’s game the Philadelphia 76ers were the saddest team on Earth because they’d just switched a screen and had a 6-foot-4 point guard trying to prevent a lob to a 6-foot-13 power forward with incredibly long arms. An interesting defensive strategy, especially when you consider that the guy dribbling the ball both leads the NBA in assists and is well known for his shooting follies.

As country music singers have been known to say: “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you give up an alley-oop to lose a basketball game.” Or something like that.

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  1. Props to Doc for drawing up that misdirection, should have never been that close though…

    On the other hand, love how Jodie Meeks is getting some serious burn and performing well. When he was unceremoniously forced out of his senior season at UK because of Coach Cal and the “Superfrosh” class, I thought his career was done…good to see dude back and playing in the L

  2. Words really can not properly express how grateful I am that I ended up going out last night instead of staying in to watch this game.

  3. Sure Boston gets some credit, but 99% of the blame belongs to the switching strategy. If Rondo wants to hoist a 3 and happens to make it then so be it. Of all the Celtic shooting possibilities that has to have among the lowest success rates. They didn’t need to switch to stop him from penetrating. You switch screens so that a shooter doesn’t have time to get a clean look. You switch on Allen or Pierce, but Rondo? He’s got to make some before he deserves that D.

  4. Beautiful play by the celtics.Perfectly executed. As much of a dick as KG is, he is one of the smartest power forwards in the game.

  5. Is it just me, or was that the worst attempt at a full court inbound pass? Jrue Holliday has a worse arm than Juan Pierre.

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