Look, you’ll be seeing this clip everywhere tomorrow morning, so why don’t you just check it out here, now, so when someone asks you by the water cooler on Monday, “Hey, did you see that crazy James Harden dunk?” you can be all like, “Oh, yeah, I saw it on The Basketball Jones last night. But, hey, did you see that movie called ‘The Sixth Sense’ yet? Yeah, yeah … Bruce Willis is a ghost, you asshat. Oh, sorry. Spoiler alert.”

Whaddaya say, James?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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  1. haha asshat. best word ever.

  2. At the end of the video, James Harden was like, “YEAH! OH HELL YEA — Am I doing it again, Kevin Durant? I’m sorry.

    “That was pretty fun, I guess.”

  3. ummm… does the announcer say “CRAP!” at 0:14????

  4. I think he says, “Wow!”

  5. Harden killed J.J. Hickson. He’s dead now.

  6. it was pretty good, but in a meaningless game in garbage time. calm down. i saw better dunks at the YWCA today.

  7. garbage time? it was in the first quarter

  8. I wanta go to that YWCA. As for ghosts and such, SfS’s all about witches right now. Shameless, I know, haha.

  9. Garbage Time:

    Ya. that’s just what they call Cavaliers games.

  10. That’s the story of Hickson’s season. It’s a good thing the Cavs didn’t include him in a package to get Stoudemire last year.


    ps. the original three word comment above was rejected as too short; apparently you want people to go on and on and on like Dwight Howard at the free throw line or something.

  12. They should have that bronzed in Oklahoma:


    With the beard, the stance the extrension, the intence face the dude looks like Leanidas!! :) Awsome!!! I wish they had that high-ultra-mega-low speed replay that we see in sime games…. that would have been something special

  13. *tweet* Double Dribble.

  14. Southie, it has been a trend recently…. In a few of the highlights of last week there were instances where the players abvously double dribbled… I dunno, maybe it is like the insignificant travelling that players get away with sometimes?

  15. The dunk was sick, but still. That call seems pretty obvious. I thought the ref was blowing his whistle for the double dribble. Maybe he saw the dunk, changed his mind, and called a foul instead. I don’t really blame him but I hate watching those go uncalled.

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