On today’s show, Skeets and Tas bring you the NBA weekend’s winners and losers. On the upside: Amar’e's impressive scoring streak, the Bulls’ resilient play and Bill Simmons’ broadcasting debut. On the downside: The Kings and a hobbled Tyreke Evans, the Bobcats’ and Hornets’ missing offense, and the Clippers/VDN’s disastrous final play. All that, plus fans hitting half-court shots, ‘Melo to NYC talk, a new B-Ball Picks winner, and Tas Melas reports from his UFC weekend in Montreal.

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Comments (11)

  1. I enjoyed Bill Simmons call of the game Friday night. It was fresh compared to some of the boring monotone announcers out there. I think he timed his jokes well

  2. Thanks for giving the Bulls some dap, guys. They had an awesome weekend. Props to Tas for starting the week as a fashion icon. I gotta get me one of those “get out of jail free” shirts. Or at least a Hanes tee and a stencil.

  3. Losers: definitely the Clips

    just check out this uncut play-by-play from the 2-minute-mark in the third Qtr:

    Clips action following 2-minute mark 3rd quarter – uncut:

    Eric Gordon misses layup
    DeAndre Jordan offensive rebound
    Eric Gordon discontinue dribble
    Eric Gordon personal foul (Tony Allen draws the foul)
    Blake Griffin loose ball foul (Darrell Arthur draws the foul)
    Ryan Gomes misses 21-foot jumper
    Blake Griffin lost ball (Rudy Gay steals)
    Baron Davis turnover
    Brian Cook bad pass (Zach Randolph steals)

    End of the 3rd Quarter

    Eric Bledsoe bad pass (Tony Allen steals)
    Brian Cook misses 25-foot three point jumper
    Blake Griffin offensive rebound
    Blake Griffin makes 2-foot two point shot
    Brian Cook defensive rebound
    Eric Bledsoe bad pass (Tony Allen steals)
    Eric Bledsoe shooting foul (Tony Allen draws the foul)
    Blake Griffin bad pass (Marc Gasol steals)
    Blake Griffin defensive rebound
    Brian Cook bad pass (Marc Gasol steals)
    Brian Cook traveling
    Blake Griffin lost ball (Tony Allen steals)

    11 TOs in about 5:30 playing time – ugh

  4. Come one guys you gotta show some more love to the Raptors. They set a franchise record and Bayless ties his career high in points. Ben Wallace’s 3 pointer.

  5. UFC Jones? And how can you barely mention the record-breaking Craptors? I’m not even a fan and my dick was still hard

  6. Bill Simmons! He was great to talk to at his book signing in SF the night before the broadcast

  7. Oh yeah, I forgot about Bayless awesome game. I think he’s gonna turn out great. I really believe in that kid (I know you guys kind of don’t).

  8. You guys got me totally addicted to that “Stepping on the Beach” song. I’m working at my desk with my headphones on, and I feel like announcing the starting lineup of the Miami Heat out loud right now. Must… resist… urge…

  9. If the Knick fans REALLY want Melo, they need to cheer him louder than they do the Knicks. Melo will know who NY really wants.

  10. Sterling is an absolute joke. That guy should not be a part of the NBA.

    I really think that other interested parties should be able to throw their name in as a candidate for ownership, and then it should be put to a vote by the fans. It’s absurd that these owners can have no interest in actually winning, and can just all around take so much away from the league.

    I know a lot of Redskins fans who feel the same way about Dan Snyder right now. We need this to be a bit more democratic.

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