There you have it, Jonesers, the newest edition of the vaunted Air Jordan line. My first impression — nice shoe, but they don’t look like Jordans.

That might not make sense, considering they’ve got the big ol’ Jumpman on the front and the back but they look a bit generic to me. Definitely not the cutting edge styling we’ve seen since, well, the line started. Of course, these are just the “first look” and things can change, but this is about the time of year we saw the first pictures of last year’s version, so I’d guess these are the shoes. Follow me? Sure, you do.

Of course, even though I don’t necessarily think these look like what we expect from Jordans, there are definitely some very Jordan-y things about them. That big black panel is reminiscent of a few different pairs of Js — the XI and XII — and the white/black/ice sole colorway is classic Jordan. Not to mention, as is the case in all of the Jordan signatures, the technology and fabrics will be the best available.

What the shoe reminds me of most is the Jordan CMFT Max 12, which is a recently released hybrid that basically made the Jordan XII in to a running shoe. Odd inspiration, but maybe that’s what Jordan Brand is in to right now. Beats me, I’m not part of Nike’s design team, no matter how many sketches I sent them in sixth grade.

So those are the new Jordans. Nice looking shoes, if not notably “Jordan.” I like them and the rumored February 19 release date would make them a perfect birthday gift. Let us know what you think in the comments once you’ve checked out a few more pictures after the jump.

(via Kix and the City)