Late in the third quarter of Monday night’s Hornets-Heat game, LeBron James showcased his Powerade H-O-R-S-E skills by nailing a ridiculous rainbow over the backboard. And, yes, I know … it’s like we’ve never seen this type of shot before! Whatever. So they’re not unicorns. Go eat some ambrosia salad, Tom Cruise.

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  1. Man, thats pretty ridiculous.

  2. Josh Shipp did that at UCLA a few years ago. Hit a game winner on Senior Day. Pretty freaking sweet.

  3. Oh, okay. He used clear fishing line and mirrors. You just gotta look closely.

  4. And again a double dribble? He tried to catcht the ball with two hands after the dribble, lost it and then got with two hands again? Shouldn’t that be a violation? Just curious… :)

  5. no a double dribble

  6. Stuff like that happens when you’ve got Aaron Gray in your face.

  7. not a double dribble – he lost control on the catch therefore did not “gain possession” until he caught it properly

    this is why you can travel while jumping repeatedly for a rebound which keeps getting away

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