Ep. 628: Free Marcus!

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas bring you the best of an exciting NBA Monday night. Should Chris Paul be shooting more? Have the Heat’s ‘Big Three” learned to share in time for the holiday season? Why does Monty Williams refuse to play shooter Marcus Thornton? All that, plus a Boozer security blanket, a new nickname for Derrick Rose, the Mavs’ luck finally runs out, and why you should stop watching the ball during games.

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Comments (22)

  1. Rose already has the lifelong nickname of “Poohdini” or simply “Pooh”

  2. Yes. We are as pissed.

    Someone who scored 20 PPG after the All Star break and had almost a 17 PER as a rookie has zero reason to be stuck on the bench of a team with scoring problems.

  3. Best off-ball action: Rebound positioning. As soon as the ball gets out of the shooter’s hands watch what the big guys are doing in the paint. As a former (undersized) center I love to watch them.
    You learn so much about where to go and where to keep your opponent.
    You will see that size dosn’t really matter that much at rebounding…

  4. Double salute from Matty O?!?! Today is gonna be a good day.

  5. The bouquet of buckets still has my vote

  6. Great pic Joakim Noah as a 12-year-old: http://tinyurl.com/39rsb76

  7. Yes, Hornets fans are as pissed as you are. Monty Williams says he doesn’t play because of his defense. Really Monty? Who on this team is playing good defense?

    Chris Paul has always been the Hornets best perimeter defender, and even he is playing terrible defense. Go back and watch the Thunder game, Westbrook OWNED Chris. Why doesn’t Monty sit him?

    I don’t know, just makes no sense. Nobody is playing defense and nobody can score.

    Seems like a perfect scenario for Thornton.

  8. hey guys, i forget where the link was, probably on truehoop, but there was a post earlier this year about how monty was really unenthused about thornton’s D. as much as it is easy to chirp belly nelly, he has performed ok on defense this season and has shown flashes of decent defensive play in the past. i remember the first raptors game last year where he actually bothered lebron james a little, laugh if you will, but don’t just say he’s terrible on D.
    all that said, thornton clearly needs to play.

  9. ^ this is how we do it our hand up in the ayer, and wave ‘em from here to theyer if you an OG mack or a wannabe playerrr

  10. Glad I wasn’t the only one bothered by “Belly-nelly”

    And as a Heat fan I’m more scared of the Bulls than the Magic.

  11. Yep, that’s exactly what you expect Joakim Noah to do on a picture…
    And also the kind of picture you would expect his dad (who’s kind of a big deal here in France, as he was elected “Favorite french personnality” in a poll in 2007)…

    He was a goofy (but very good) tennis player, he’s a goofy (but good) singer, and he must have been a goofy (but great) dad seeing how Joakim turned out!

  12. *the kind of picture you would expect his dad TO TAKE

    yup, that’s what long brackets will do to your grammar…

  13. Rose’s nickname… “The Thorn”, or simply “Thorn”

  14. Rose is a “The Thorn” in the opponents flesh.

  15. Eric ‘Belly-Nelly’ Reid = total douche

  16. Two gold dust references from Tas over the last two weeks. thats impressive.

  17. d-rose nickname should be “space JAM” homage to mj in the movie and the dirt nasty 2 handed dunks d rose dishes haha

  18. I’ve always felt like “D-Rose” rolls pretty nicely off the tounge, but maybe I’m in the minority.

    Totally agree with the idea of watching players. If watching the Celtics, KG is great to watch on D, and watching Ray Allen on offense is pretty amazing. He never stops moving (unless it’s to receive a pass and spot up)….he runs off of so many screens.

  19. Though nobody asked for it, Joakim Noah’s hair is reminiscent of Pebbles from the Flintstones (http://pattisoriginals.files.wordpress.com/2007/09/pebbles.gif?w=450). Pebbles is not a great nickname for him, but “Topknot” is.

  20. i’m not a celtics fan, but i agree with what Nick L said – watching ray on offense (and rip back when detroit were good, and reggie before that) is fascinating – the constant movement, the myriad screens, all just for the possibility of separation and an open shot. you learn more about the game as a team sport by watching away from the ball, versus learning more the individual side by watching the ball…

  21. It was a butterfly arm recovery skiers. Breastokke, your arms come up the middle.

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