Well, it was fun while it lasted. The Heat, the Knicks resurgence, Blake Griffin’s dunks, that time Brad Miller wore camouflage ankle tape — good times. Hope you enjoyed it, because it’s all over. Done. Fin. Sausages.

Want proof? Here’s ESPN’s Jeff Caplan:

Armed with information from the tireless folks at the Elias Sports Bureau, Scott Randall of ESPN Stats and Research followed the dots after the Milwaukee Bucks ended the Dallas Mavericks’ 12-game win streak Monday night and found a pot of gold that might interest the Mavs.

Monday was the fifth time in team history that the Bucks have ended a winning streak of at least 12 games. The most famous instance was when Milwaukee ended the Los Angeles Lakers’ NBA-record 33-game winning streak on Jan. 9, 1972. The Bucks also ended 12-plus game streaks by the Celtics (1973 -12), 76ers (1983 – 14) and Spurs (2007 – 13).

What do all four teams have in common?

They all went on to win the NBA title that same season.

Congratulations, Dallas — you’ve earned it. Years of futility followed by two glorious days of being over .500 as a franchise and the third best record in the NBA this season certainly make for a worthy champion. I’m just glad that Dirk Nowitzki finally got that title he so badly desired. That’s a good career, folks.

All that’s left to do now is play out the meaningless three-quarters of a season that remain. Totally pointless, but at least it’ll be entertaining.